The Cave Of Dreams


The Cave of Dreams is a secondary quest in which you will have to help a group of warriors deal with their greatest fears.

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Your conversation with Madman Lugos in the prison at Kaer Muire ends with you agreeing to help his son, Blueboy Lugos, with a quest.
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He can be found near the Cave of Dreams, on the southern shore of the island.

You can also stumble upon this quest by running into Blueboy and his companions in the same place.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Join Blueboy Lugos and his crew outside the Cave of Dreams.

You can reach the Cave of Dreams in several ways:
  • Leave the keep and descend down to the harbor of Holmstein’s Port. Get to the wharf and set sail on the small boat
  • Swim to the cave
  • Go across the hills along the coast
  • Go to the objective area and find Blueboy and his men by their ship. Approach the camp and speak with Jorulf. You can:
    • Use force or wit to get an audience with Blueboy
    • Use Axii Delusion Level 2 to force the guard to let you speak with Blueboy.
    Talk to Blueboy however you wish, then agree to help him. You can also meditate and prepare if you want.

Explore the Cave of Dreams with Blueboy Lugos.

Blueboy is accompanied by two of his men. He tells you that the cave is a place where all your fears are realized.

You’ll first encounter four nekkers – kill them. You’ll come across a totem and consume some herbs to conjure nightmarish hallucinations.

Face your nightmares in the Cave of Dreams.

  • Uve’s nightmare
  • Go down one of the huge tunnels while a ghostly whale swims above you. You’ll come across a totem and a group of Clan Tuirseach warriors. Instead of joining them at the table, one of Blueboy’s companions – Uve Jabberjaw – will say something inappropriate and get the six warriors to fight you. They are immune to Igni and Yrden, but you can fight them as any other human opponent, just use your silver sword.
  • Jorulf’s nightmare
  • Go deeper into the cave, past some flying fish, until you reach the next totem where Jorulf will recognize the remains of a longship. Kill the sirens there.
  • Blueboy’s nightmare
  • On your way to the next totem, you may come across water hags. When you reach the totem, you’ll see the vision of Eredin, the leader of the Wild Hunt, along with the specters of two hounds. Ignore the hounds and kill Eredin’s apparition.

    After that, you’ll wake up at the first totem, with your nightmares over. Blueboy will now give you your reward (if you’re in debt to Madman Lugos and you ask for money, Blueboy will insult your honor but still pay you). The quest is now over.
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