The Mystery Of The Byways Murders


The Mystery of the Byways Murders is a witcher contract in which you’ll go after a missing patrol, only to run into an ancient and terrifying monster.

Key Facts

  • Vampire Saliva
  • Ekimmara Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

To start this contract, go to the Notice Board in Oreton and read the message from Milan Oran, commander of the division stationed in the village.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the commander of the Nilfgaardian patrol.

It appears that a Nilfgaardian patrol has gone missing on the southern shore of Lake Wyndamer. Milan believes they may have fallen prey to some kind of beast and wants you to investigate. There are also some peasants in the village of Byway who have been speaking of a monster. Barter for a higher reward if you want, then accept the contract.

Find out what happened in Byways.

When you get to Byways, you will have to slay five ghouls that have attacked the village and driven out the populace. Kill them, then head to the new objective area to the northwest and inform the villagers that it is safe to come out. One of them, Bytomir, will tell you that the village was plundered by the Nilfgaardians before the ghouls came and chased them off. You can tell the peasants that you find it hard to believe them.

Explore the village.

You’ll now need to use your Witcher Senses to explore the village, starting with the place where you killed the ghouls. You’ll find corpses of Nilfgaardian soldiers and their dogs. One has marks left by a immensely powerful jaw, the other was slammed into the ground so hard that it caused internal bleeding.

Follow the scent of blood.

Follow the stench of blood to a locked structure at the northern edge of the village. Bytomir will then approach again. Be more persuasive and hill reveal that there are elven ruins beneath the village. The peasants were searching for valuables in the ruins when they disturbed a monster. They sealed the entrance but the Nilfgaardian soldiers opened it again. Demand a key to the shack.

Explore the tunnels under Byways.

Inside the hut, locate some fur which will help you identify the monster more quickly, then lift some planks off its floor to find a ladder. Go down them and into a mining tunnel. You’ll find a dead guard beneath the first lit torch; use your Witcher Senses on him. You’ll then realize that the monster is an ekimmara. Go down the tunnel, off a ledge and down a wooden ladder.

You’ll enter an ancient elven tunnel, where you’ll see corpses of the Nilfgaardians along with some older ones. After that you’ll come up to the ancient ekimmara itself, known as Sarasti. Consult your bestiary for combat tips and draw your silver sword.

The ekimmara is vulnerable to the Devil’s Puffball bomb, Vampire oil, and the Igni sign.

Collect an ekimmara trophy.

Pick up the loot from the ekimmara’s body and head back to Byways to speak with Bytomir. Tell him that you’ve got rid of the monster and that he should pay you for your trouble.

After that, head to Oreton and inform Milan Noran of the fate of his missing patrol. He’ll give you your reward and the contract will be completed.
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