The Path Of Warriors


The Path of Warriors is a secondary quests in Skellige Isles that will test your warrior skills without engaging you in battle.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
  • Gloves
  • Heavy Armor (Diagrams)
  • 5x Sewant Mushrooms
  • 2x Hardened Leather

Quest Text

During his stay in Skellige Geralt learned of something called the Path of Warriors.
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This was an obstacle-strewn route locals believed each self-respecting warrior must travel. Geralt knew if he managed to traverse the infamously-difficult Path he would earn respect and recognition throughout the isles.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Go to Urialla Harbor on An Skellig and listen in on a conversation between two women. They are talking about something called the Trial of the Path. Talk to them to learn more about it. Apparently, there is a man called Old Gunnar who can tell you more about it; you can find him at the foot of Mount Aardeklove.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the man who oversees the Path.

Go down the path to the northeast. You will encounter some endriagas on the way. Continue past a sunken homestead until you reach a an old warrior sitting on a bench. Talk to him about the Path.

There are two branches of the path: one leads to the mountain peaks, the other into the bowels of the earth. You’ll need to go through both to prove your worth. Talk to the old man to learn more about the paths, then choose the one you wish to tackle first. We recommend you start with the Trial of Dexterity, the one that climbs up the mountain.

Collect proof you made it to the top of the peak.

Go up the steps to get to the start of the path. Run across the bridge, jump over the gap, then slay the siren on the other side. There will be two more, wait for them to come and slay them. You can get them to come over with crossbow bolts.

Move down the path, over another gap, then turn left and up a rock bridge. Run across the moss.At the mossy bridge, jump and grab the ledge, then climb up. Keep going up the mountain path, leaping across the gaps, and you’ll pass two flags that mark your progress. Continue west as the trail slightly flattens, then jump over the gaps along the slope. When you reach a point where you can’t continue, turn left and climb up the ruined castle battlements above you, using a counterclockwise pattern.

If you wish to explore the castle, be mindful of the wraiths inside. In the castle you’ll find treasure belonging to Witcher Gerd from the Bear School.

Now save your game and leap across the large gap, then jump over another, slowing down when you spot an old man sitting by a door. Ignore the door and head along the outer ledge. Jump across a broken bridge. Turn back and jump again, then climb up to reach the top of Mount Aardeklove.

Now it’s time to descend. You have two paths to choose from:
  • The same one you used to climb up
  • Turn right and head down a new path that will take you to a long slide all the way to the next path

Descend down to the cave entrance.

Going back the path you came from is the safer route. When you reach Gunnar, head down the main road and reach a heap of rocks that mark the start of the Trial of Conviction.This path will require a lot of holding your breath and swimming, so consult the Training chapter on swimming and use the minimap to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Travel through the tunnel and collect proof you made it to the end.

Go into the cave and jump into the green water. Then swim south as fast as possible and stay as close to the tunnel’s ceiling as possible. You’ll eventually reach a cavern; resurface when you get there, but do not climb up.

Dive down the passage until you reach its end. There will be a chest at the bottom; open it and take the Trial of Conviction Completion Token inside it. Watch out for your air supply. If your air supply gets low, go back and resurface in the cavern.

Now you can climb up the ledge in the cavern and follow the path through the cave. You’ll have some more jumping and climbing to do before you reach the exit.

Leave the caverns and talk to the man who oversees the Path.

Return to Old Gunnar and present the two tokens to him. Take the rewards from him to complete the quest.
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  1. L

    This quest is glitches for me. I can’t ‘collect proof’ because there is nothing to collect when I get here.

  2. J

    I ran into an infinite XP glitch with this quest. If you elected to take the path to the top out of curiousity, like I did, when you’re asked to “obtain proof”, go to the start of the path until the objective disappears and you’re rewarded with 50 exp. Then go back, speak to Gunnar and ask him to repeat how to do the trial. The objective for “reaching the start of the path” resets so you’ll continuously get 50 exp.

  3. T

    This quest glitches. I collected the tokens and made it to the end, but it does not recognize “the end of the tunnel”. I tried several times to leave and made it through, but when I pass through the yellow marker and go topside, it does not recognize the action and stays unfulfilled. If I go to the guy to check in, he says, ” Well you failed. Blah. Blah.” How could I have failed when I had to leave by reaching the END OF THE TUNNEL??? 😩

    1. D

      You need to pick up the trophy on the cave floor before you surface.

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