The Sad Tale Of The Grossbart Brothers


The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers is a secondary quest in which you will have to track down and administer justice to a group of miscreants.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Djenge Frett

Additional Info

In the center of the town of Blandare, in central Ard Skellig, you will come across a man in a shaggy coat.
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His name is Djenge Frett and he has work for you, if you’re up for it.

He plans to go after the Grossbart Brothers, three rapists and murderers, who wear yellow caps on their heads.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Look for the Grossbart brothers in southern Ard Skellig.

The brothers can be found in an grotto on the southeastern shore of Ard Skellig, to the east and slightly south of the defunct distillery. The best way to approach it is with a boat.

Help the bounty hunter deal with the Grossbart Brothers.

Djenge will meet with you in the entrance tunnel to the Grotto. Tell him you’ll help him, then follow him to a wide chamber where the three brothers have set up camp.

Kill the brothers and talk to Djenge to get your reward. You can also loot the cave then.

Make sure Djenge doesn’t die, in which case the quest will fail.
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  1. B

    If you let the quest fail from the bounty hunter’s death, he DOES drop a nice pair of relic boots and, if I remember correctly, a relic wild hunt axe (somewhat rare). So it almost seems beneficial to fail this one. Also, the quest name is of a similar-named novel/movie/play. And obviously the bounty hunter’s name is a nod to Star Wars.

    1. P

      The Witcher and a Bounty Hunter went into a cave…. But only The Witcher came out, wonder what happened with the Bounty Hunter… +1 for u sir!

  2. P

    Can any one tell me why I can’t find any man in shaggy coat at Blandare ???!!!!

    I also search near area around the sign post and still not found him.

    Pls Helpppppppp 🙁

  3. B

    Had a glitch where I killed the brothers but Djengo walked on the ceiling and wouldnt come down. -_- quest failed had to reload. Sigh

  4. J

    Why is it a sad tale? It was a simple murder mission. Was expecting to see more about the brothers and what led them to these crimes and moral dilemma, not a quick battle and that’s it. Felt like there should have been more there

    1. W

      Me too. Infact, I on;y came to this page cuz I just completed the quest and was like “…..thats it?”

  5. F

    Kill the brothers first by going after Ursine gear. Then see the quest giver and tell him you already killed them. Wait for his jaw to close again… then get reward.

  6. L

    For me the quest actually failed because Djengo got a little hurt. Loaded the game again, Djengo didn’t get a scratch on him and the quest was completed. Also love the homage to Star Wars.

  7. L

    I actually had to do this mission six times and I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I would kill the brothers and the bounty Hunter would be fine but I would still fail the mission. This last time I refrained from killing all of the brothers myself and I let him kill one and just helped him out by using the AXII spell and ended up successfully completing it after that.

  8. B
    Bill O'Leary

    This is how I found the brothers! I had no idea there was a separate bounty hunter quest. I was in search of the three pieces of ursine gear when I came upon the cave and subsequently the brothers Grossbart.

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