The Truth Is In The Stars


The Truth is in the Stars is a secondary quest that can be obtained in Velen.

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Deep in the swampy woods of Velenb there is a roadside altar praising the glories of one of the forgotten gods.
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That is where Geralt encountered a shriveled, half-senile old man who claimed he could foretell the future and would read Geralt’s fortune – for a small fee.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Travel to the village of Benkelham, where you will find a strange old sage in front of his cottage, puffing of a pipe. Speak with him and he will tell you that the has seen you future in the stars.

During the conversation that follows, the sage will say that he needs dragonsroot to see into the future. You will now have to fetch it for him.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find dragonsroot using your Witcher Senses.

Head southwest, down the hills, to a cave entrance overlooking the river. The entrance has many skills piled in front of it, and the ground is spattered with blood. Enter the tunnel and follow it until you reach a dead-end. About five ghouls will be waiting there. Kill them, inspect their corpses, then use your Witcher Senses to find the dragonsroot along one of the walls.

Take the dragonsroot to the fortune teller.

Return to the fortune teller in Benkelham; he will make some startling predictions before slumping down in his stool, exhausted.
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