The White Lady


The White Lady is a witcher contract in which you’ll have to help the inhabitants of a village by ridding its fields of a wraith.

Key Facts

  • Noonwraith Mutagen
  • Essence of Wraith
  • Specter Dust
  • Noonwraith Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Additional Info

There are two ways of starting this witcher contract:
  1. By reading a notice on the board next to the group of buildings outside of Novigrad’s walls, between the Portside and Glory Gates.
  2. By finding the bodies and the clues at Castle Drahim
We recommend the first way.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the Widow.

The fields surrounding Farcorners village are haunted by a wraith that appears as a maid. The villagers are unable to harvest their crops, so they want to pay someone to get rid of the wraith. Go to the southern part of the village and speak with Helma. She’ll tell you of a band of drunkards who tried to “plough” the White Lady (the wraith) and is now littering the fields with their bones. Ask where the wraith was seen, then try to get a better price if you wish.

Look for the bodies of the White Lady’s victims.

Head to the stone tower that stands roughly to the south of the village. Go through the orchard and enter the objective area. Approach a small campfire with the bodies of the men who went after the White Lady. Use your Witcher Sense to uncover:
  1. the corpse of a man who was scared to death
  2. beer bottles
  3. a body burn to a crisp
  4. a pale body, but without blood loss
  5. footprints of someone running away
  6. a hay stack near by, with dried blood and fresh singeing that vibrates your medallion

Investigate the ruined tower.

Keep tracking the footprints to the northeast, up the hill and toward Drahim Castle. They end with a large pool of blood leading into the cellar of the castle. Descend down the wooden stairs and inspect the last body. It appears that it was dragged there by ghouls, but they didn’t kill it. The skin is pale. It was killed by a noonwraith.

Talk to the widow about the noonwraith.

Return to Helma at the village and tell her what you’ve found. She knows the wraith by its name (Luzi). She was betrothed to an elderly smith from the city. Not wanting to get married to him, she committed suicide in the fields by slashing her wrists with a silver dagger. She’ll hand you the dagger.

Throw the silver dagger into the fire to lure the noonwraith out.

Return to the campfire with the corpses and throw the dagger into the fire to summon the White Lady. Consult your bestiary for combat tips. The wraith is vulnerable to Moon Dust and Dimeritium bombs, Spectre Oil, and the Yrden sign.

Take a trophy from the noonwraith.

When you kill the noonwraith, loot her remains then take the trophy back to Helma in the village. She’ll give you the reward and the contract will be over.
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