The Witcher 3 Gameplay trailer

Hype is real! CD Projekt RED just released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming epic open world RPG The Witcher 3.
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Trailer is very hype inducing and shows the world we’ll be able to explore in vivid detail. I am not sure what exactly they did with the video but colors and sharpness of the footage almost feels unreal. We see many types of gameplay you’ll be able to experience in the game as well as various monsters you’ll be able to encounter. Things will seem familiar to players of previous Witcher games, only on a grander scale. The map looks huge. The open world feels like it can be explored for days. The amount of armor seen in the video is beyond anything we’ve seen in previous games of the series. All in all, video is a big treat for all the Witcher fans out there and RPG gamers worldwide. CD Projekt Red is calling their game “… the most realistic and personal fantasy of our times”. With such bold words and this epic trailer they just might be right.

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