Viper Armor | The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

Viper Armor is a new Witcher gear set from the Hearts of Stone expansion. It’s a level 39 medium set which has a great armor rating and provides near immunity to poison.
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To obtain it, you’ll have to find the diagrams for it, a bunch of materials and a capable artisan. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Viper Armor diagrams, and what you’ll need to craft the gear.

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Note: The glasses aren’t part of the set. They can be bought on an auction during the Open Sesame quest.

Viper Armor, Gauntlets, Trousers, Boots

The four armor pieces can be obtained during the Open Sesame mission. Talk to Countess Mignole at the auction house (the old woman with her hair in a bun), until a trading option presents itself. She sells the diagrams you’re looking for. Beware: the conversation with the Countess is entirely optional, and you can’t go back in after you’ve left.

Viper Venomous Steel Sword

During the Open Sesame quest, you’ll enter the vault at the auction house. You’ll find the diagram for the steel sword in there, in a chest next to the altar-like structure.

Viper Venomous Silver Sword

The silver sword itself (not the diagram) can be found during the Whatsoever a Man Soweth quest, but only if you choose to help Olgierd von Everec. Go over the wooden bridge, through the large stone gate, then keep to the left. You’ll be ambushed by a giant specter. When you defeat it, climb the broken stairs and you’ll see the sword lodged in a stone.

Viper set stats

The Viper armor set is of medium weight, requires level 39 to use (69 in NG+) and a bunch of glyph slots. It has the highest armor rating of all the Witcher gear sets, and provides immunity to poison when worn.

Materials needed to craft Viper set

Most of these materials can be found lying around. Others can be obtained through dismantling stuff you don’t use. You’ll need to find a journeyman armorer to do the job.

Viper Venomous Steel Sword
  • Leather scraps x2
  • Dark Steel ingot x2
  • Monster Brain x1
  • Emerald Dust x1
Viper Armor
  • Wire x4
  • Hardened Leather x4
  • Leather Straps x5
  • Linen x4
  • Cured Draconid Leather x1
Viper Trousers
  • Linen x3
  • Hardened Leather x3
  • Wire x4
  • Leather Straps x4
  • Cured Draconid Leather x1
Viper Boots
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Leather Straps x3
  • Linen x2
  • Wire x2
  • Cured Draconid Leather x1
Viper Gauntlets
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Wire x2
  • Linen x2
  • Leather Straps x3
  • Cured Draconid Leather x1




  1. M

    anyone know the debug commands for the viper armor/swords for new game plus

    1. N

      additem( ‘EP1 Viper School silver/steel sword’ )

      1. V

        Not work

        1. A

          additem(‘EP1 Viper School silver/steel sword’) <-Work

    2. B

      Don’t be a dirty cheater.

  2. G
    George lamont

    The countess only sells the chest piece in my game. Is this a glitch or are there requirements to buy all pieces?

  3. A
    Andrew Straughan

    Same here, all she sells is the Chest part of the armour set, & 2 other potion diagrams! That’s it! No gauntlets, boots or trousers diagrams anywhere!

    I think this is only happening on the Xbox One version, which sucks! I really want the best armour in the game but I want the whole damn set!

    1. G
      George lamont

      Magic that means waiting for a patch until progressing with the dlc or go without the full set. Is anyone else reporting this problem on Xbox one? Are cd aware of it?

    2. E

      it’s not really the best armor in the game if your have a sign build. It doesn’t give you any increase to sign intensity. The swords are quite interesting though. The ofieri or Mastercrafted Wolf/Griffin armor are the best for sign builds. Personally, I am going to craft myself the Ofieri Armor because it is really overpowered as far as signs go and has a better armor rating and protection against bludgeoning and slashing than Mastercrafted Wolven Armor but a bit less than the Viper Set. And that’s fine with me because the increase in sign intensity is a lot bigger than the loss in protection. Quen FTW

      1. E

        I’m on pc though, that way I can still look awesome in the Viper set or Wolf Mastercrafted and use the ofieri armor (which I don’t find particularly pretty) thanks to appearance mods X=)

      2. W

        Ofieri for sign build and viper for combat.

    3. J

      Should’ve gone with the PS4, homie. I have both consoles. The only thing the Xbox One is good for is Gears of War. I speak from personal experience; not biased fan-boy bullshit.

  4. B
    butts mcbuttleton

    What top is that in the screen shots before you acquire the armor? Looks like some sort of….doublet….

    1. P
      Puppy McPuppington

      That’s New Moon Armor. Pretty cool looking, if you ask me.

  5. K

    I play on xbo and was able to buy all 4 pieces and craft it. I’m not playing on new game plus, so maybe that’s the problem?

    1. D

      No, because i’m not playing too on new game plus and yet i can buy only the chest piece!

  6. S
    Simon Honeybone

    The Legendary Venemous Viper Silver Sword you pull from the stone in the save Olgeird level is actually the level 39 non legendary counterpart in NG+

  7. A

    Encountered an interesting bug with the armor set, when I swap between the Ornate Robe you get from the chest beside Iris’s corpse and the chest piece of this set, my attack damage kept going up every time I swap the armor, permanently.

    1. H
      Hayden N-R

      Had a similar glitch, except when switching between the Viper armor set and Ofieri set. I was getting permanent increases in sign intensity.

  8. D

    Does anybody know of any way to acquire the set pieces after the quest? i got the option to see what she was selling, but i didnt bother to look at the time. now i’m kicking myself for not choosing that option, and i’m also kinda upset that there is seemingly only one way to get the set pieces.

  9. G

    worst set on the witcher, why would you give immunity to poison status if it could heal you?
    just drink superior golden oriole and.. SHAZAAM.. healed by poison

    1. E

      I couldn’t agree more. I have a sign build and I prefer by far using the Mastercrafted Wolven Gear or the Ofieri Armor, which I find is the best armor in the game; as far as looks go it’s original but no that appealing to me though so i just use an appearance mod X)

  10. S

    Im on xbox One and not playing NG+. I continued and had my money and therefore was able to buy all pieces offered by the countess. For me, she did have all pieces. But, still dont have the wolf armor…ugh.

  11. A

    how do you get those MAGIC gear look like the starting gear in the second screenshot?

  12. S
    Sahil Hussain

    Help! There is no armorer present at Kaer Muire who can craft this armor. There is no other armor in the game who can forge it. Can anybody help ?

  13. S
    Sahil Hussain


  14. P

    the enchanter near the lake in velen can craft everything

  15. P

    It’s probably worth mentioning that to get the silver sword, the only way of getting the OPTION to help Olgierd is if you first do the optional part of the quest first by visiting Shani. Don’t do that and you won’t be able to help Olgierd and therefore won’t be able to get the silver sword.

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