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Armorers are craftsmen that make and repair armor in The Witcher 3. They craft advanced armor sets if you provide them with the diagrams and the materials.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you all Witcher 3 armorer locations, along with the skill levels of the armorsmiths. New armorers may appear in abandoned settlements after you’ve freed them. We also have a guide to help you find a Master Armorer.

White Orchard Armorers

There is an amateur armorer near the tavern in White Orchard.

Velen Armorers

An amateur can be found in Midcopse, in the south of Velen.

There’s a journeyman armorer in Crow’s Perch, a bit before the Baron’s residence.

Another journeyman armorer can be found in Oxenfurt, in the northern part of town.

Novigrad Armorers

You can find a journeyman armorer in Hierarch’s Square, next to Vivaldi’s bank.

Skellige Armorers

Urialla Harbor on An Skellig has an amateur armorer, near the coast.

Larvik, on Hindjarsfall is home to an amateur armorer as well.

There’s a journeyman armorer in Kaer Muire, the fort in the south-west of Ard Skellig.



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