Where The Cat And Wolf Play


Where the Cat and Wolf Play is a bonus quest from the 13th free DLC. You can find this quest on the notice board in Oreton, Velen.
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The document you have to take to start the quest is called The Beast of Honorton. It also starts the short contract quest: The Beast of Honorton.

Key Facts

Location:Velen (No Man’s Land)
Category:Main Quest

Quest Text

Geralt would often state that every witcher contract is the same. Read a notice, find who posted it, argue over the reward, seek out witnesses, etc., ad nauseam. I, however, always held that beneath these superficial similarities lay an ocean of difference. For example, Geralt would sometimes discover his employers had brought the beast upon themselves, while other times he’d learn killing the monster in question was but part of someone’s larger (usually nefarious) scheme. And once, in Honorton… Ah, now that was another contract altogether.

Starting NPC


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Explore the village using your Witcher Senses.

Once you kill the necrophages found in Honorton, start exploring the nearby houses for clues. This objective ends in the nearby barn.

Use your Witcher Senses to find the girl.

Choice 1

Stop it. Tell me what happened.

This objective requires level 1 Delusion skill.
Choice 2

I found your doll.

Follow the School of the Cat witcher’s tracks using your Witcher Senses.

Choice 1

Not my job to judge you.

This choice gives you an additional quest called “Take What you Want”. The chest at the end of this quest gives you 250 crowns, Letter to Gaetan and the Teigr weapon. If you rush to complete “Take What you Want”, the quest “Where the Cat and Wolf Play” will fail, as the girl will die.
Choice 2

Kill the witcher.

Choice 1
Choice 2

No chance.

Escort the girl from Honorton to her relatives in Oreton.

Choice 1

(40) Take this coin.

The girl has a slightly better future with this choice.
Choice 2

Times are tough.

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  1. A

    For the life of me I can not get this quest to start.
    I’ve downloaded it, deleted it, re-downloaded it, and reset my console, everything I can think of. Yet when I check the notice boards in Oreton or Crows Perch (some players have found it there) there’s nothing. No new papers, no notice, no quest marker, nothing.

    Anybody had this issue and/or have any solutions? I’m playing on X1.

    1. M

      you have to be in a certain place in the main story, I finished it after beating the main questline.

      1. M


        I actually found out that you can do the quest before downloading the DLC, but instead of finding the witcher, it’s just a ordinary contract in which you kill a leshen, but you won’t be able to do it again with the witcher after downloading it.

  2. S

    It didn’t wrk 4 me as well…….then I loaded a sve game b4 the isle of mists!……..Now the quest is visible!!

  3. D
    danny darco

    wow this was a good quest

  4. P
    paing thu

    i thought i can finally recruit new disciple 😛

  5. C

    The next time you go to Oreton, you can get a thank you gift from the girl (she’s near the notice board)

    The gift is nothing big or usable but it’s pretty cute 😀

    1. R

      Went there after saving the girl and giving her aunt the 40gold to help with food), and the kid isn’t there, tried meditating a few days still nowhere in Oreton…

  6. G
    George Hickenlooper

    The girl’s footprints end where they begin, even after you pick the doll. The prints are missing therefore I can’t continue the quest because the girl does not “spawn

    1. J

      That’s because the patch 1.10 contains a pretty large list of bugs, though it did make some other things a little cleaner. However, in that list, the DLC mission for this quest is bugged, making it completely useless, forcing you to fail. Really hoping they bring out a fix soon.

  7. I
    Isaac Noble

    One thing i found interesting was that when I did the quest I had full feline armor and when I approached the other Witcher he said to me, “Well, well, what have we here? Feline armor, wolf’s head medallion – a crossbreed?” I wonder all the other dialogue they put into the game that we can only hear under certain conditions.

    1. V

      same happend to me. Shows again how much effort and detail they have put in this game

  8. T

    I have completed where wolves play and got the stuff from witcher. Then did sword and dumpling but I can not find the crystal and the chest in tower in khaer mohren doesn’t open. It doesn’t say anything. So I’m stuck and can’t get wolf gear. Any clues.

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