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Places of Power are magic stones scattered around the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When visiting them for the first time, each of them will grant you one ability point.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations and effects of every place of power in White Orchard, the starting area of the game.

White Orchard Places of Power video guide

Places Of Power In White Orchard

White Orchard is the starting area of the game – it’s where you’ll be learning the ropes. As such, there’s always the danger you might invest your newfound skill points in the wrong abilities. If you want to avoid that, take a look at our skill calculator.

1.Southern White Orchard30-minute boost to your Yrden Sign
South from the road that connects Abandoned Village (to the west) and bridge that leads to Ransacked Village (to the east). There is a bear level 6 guarding this Place of Power.
2.Abandoned Village30-minute boost to your Quen Sign
Just southwest from the Abandoned Village, deep inside the forest. This Place of Power is not guarded by enemies and it gives a bonus to your shield sign.
3.Vulpine Woods30-minute boost to your Axii Sign
Northwest of Woesong Bridge, close to the Nilfgaardian’s Garrison, deep in the forest. Wrath level 6 is guarding it.
4.White Orchard Cemetery30-minute boost to your Igni Sign.
The Place of Power is in a cemetery north of the inn in White Orchard. It is located in front of the chapel. You’ll have to fight a level 7 wraith to get to it, so you should either wait until you’re level 7 yourself, or use specter oil and be really careful.
5.Northern White Orchard30-minute boost to your Aard Sign
Head north from the previous Place of Power and Mill fast travel point, east of Nilfgaardian Garrison. There is a monster nest nearby with couple of Ghouls level 2.
6.Northeastern White Orchard30-minute boost to your Quen Sign
From Crossroads fast travel sign head north. It is located near the larger monster nest. If you approach this area from the west you won’t alarm the nearby monsters.



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