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Hidden treasures are places of interest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are three of them in White Orchard, the game’s starting area.
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white orchard hidden treasures

We have also collected hidden treasures in Velen.

Temerian Valuables

This one is found just west of the Mill fast travel signpost, in the river, next to the bridge. Blood-soaked military orders, an item that starts a quest, is found in the locked chest. The key for this chest is found on a body of a man on a nearby sandy shore. Loot his Temerian lily key to unlock the chest. Some of the items found inside chest are:
  • Blood-soaked military orders (quest item)
  • 10 Florens
  • Silver amber necklace (worth 465 Crowns)
  • Temerian Special Forces insignia
This hidden treasure takes you to a nearby mill and a hut. Inside this hut is an underground passage that hides the locked chest you can unlock now. It contains:
  • Scribbled Document
  • Temerian Special Forces insignia
  • 31x Crowns
  • Candle
  • Silver teapot (25 Crowns)

Dirty Funds

The second treasure is just east of the mill. It can be found in an abandoned camp full of wolves. Beside the quest item – Scrawled notes, you can also find:
  • Verden archer’s gambeson (chest armor)
  • 2x Hardened timber
  • 2x Twine
  • Diagram: Temerian poniard
  • Manuscript page: Albedo
The scrawled notes take you to a nearby bandit camp. The prize hidden in their chest is a magic item – Maribor Sword (29-35 Damage Steel Sword).

Spy’s notes

Coming here after you have completed Temerian Valuables will only give you the Spy’s Notes book that describes the events that lead to hiding the loot in the underground passage at the end of the Temerian Valuables quest.
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  1. M

    It appears that the dirty funds rewards are randomized, because I did not get that chest armor or maribor sword from either place.

  2. K

    Don’t know if it’s the same for you but in basement one of the chest are locked, did not find any key for it yet, also if you jump over the planks that block the stair up at the mill there is a locked doot there also… Any1 opened these 2?

    1. G

      On the map, go to the ? That’s slightly southwest, along the river. There’s a dead body that has the key.

      1. B
        bjorn ronsse

        i have the temarian lily key and still cant open the chest in the secret passage underneath the mill

  3. Thanks for posting about the Spy’s Notes, was going nuts trying to figure out what I missed.

  4. T

    Anybody found a solutions for the still locked chest and door?

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