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We don’t usually write about mods for games, but you shouldn’t miss out on this onw. With the coming of the New Year, snow comes as well. At least in some parts of the world. So, why not have it throughout the whole world of Witcher 3, not just Skellige?

The “Winter is coming” PC mod is available at the Nexus Mods page. It is a 63-MB-heavy mod. Installation is rather simple. Once you download the mod, you have to unpack its .rar file. The content of the mod should be placed inside your /Witcher3Directory. The mods author KNGR sure made it nice-looking.

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The mod itself changes the surroundings in the Novigrad part of the map; makes it more snowy. The changes includemany texture repaints. It adds snow as a weather effect. For now, the rivers stay unfrozen, and some of the residents still remain poorly dressed. Do not think they were prepared for the coming of winter so early.

Winter Mod Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Witcher 3 Winter Mod

The repaint job is really well done and it really feels like it’s winter. All of the ground is covered with the white coat, the rain is replaced with snow. If you want to be nitpicky, you can say that this mod seems to include a person who clears the main roads passionately, as they are not covered in snow. The rooftops are also free of snow, and there are no snowdrifts anywhere. If you let your imagination go, you can almost hear people say “Winter is Coming”, but all they say is “The Witcher is Coming”.

The mod doesn’t apply to the Toussaint map. Toussaint is where the second and the last expansion pack “Blood and Wine” takes place. Since this area is known for its wines and warm climate, it would be really weird to see it covered in snow.

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