Woodland Beast


Woodland Beast is a contract in the Witcher 3 in which you’ll be hired by a guard captain to put an end to the attacks on Redanian transport caravans.

Key Facts

  • Crowns
  • Transit Pass

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

To start this contract, read a notice titled “Contract: Woodland Beast”.
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A Redanian Captain called Felix Grubb has a problem with a monster that is terrorizing the peasants of Velen, and a Redanian transport caravan. If you bring him the monster’s head, he’ll give you Coins and a pass that will let you cross the Pontar river into Novigrad.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the commander of the guardpost by the bridge to Novigrad.

Head to the refugee camp southeast of the Border Post in Velen and look for Felix Grubb. Talk to him and accept the contract.

Examine the site where the transport was attacked using your Witcher Senses.

The transport that was attacked is to the southwest. Head to the objective area and kill the two alghouls there. Inspect the area and find:
  • Slumped corpse with claw marks.
  • Bodies that have been gnawed on, all the injuries were dealt after they died.
  • Empty chest
  • Tracks that lead to the southeast
Follow the tracks as they cross the road and head into the grass in front of the ford. You’ll encounter four drowners on the way.

The tracks disappear in the water. Stare at the other side of the ford and you’ll see them reappear. Go up the small hill, following the tracks until they stop. There is a Scoia’tael archer with his sights on you. You can now end the contract in two ways.
Choice 1

Kill the Scoia’tael and return to the guard captain.

If you aren’t particularly fond of elves, or are simply not willing to put down your weapon before they take you to their commander, you can choose to fight them. There are five Scoia’tael on the small hill. Kill them as you would any human, then return to the guard captain to claim your reward and complete the contract.
Choice 2

Return to the guardpost captain for your reward.

Talk to the archer and tell say that you wish to speak with his commander. He’ll take you to a concealed elven camp and bring you before Vernossiel. She’ll tell you that they’ll cease their attacks on Redanian transports, but you must in turn leave and forget everything you’ve seen. The better option here is to agree to their proposal and get some elven items. Then return to the guard captain who will not give you any reward and the contract will end.
Choice 3

Trick the elves and return to the guardpost captain for your reward.

You can also lie to the elves, telling them that you’ll keep everything you’ve seen secret, then go back and tell everything to the guard captain. You’ll get both rewards, but you’ll also be ambushed later by a group of Scoia’tael who will try to kill you outside Novigrad.
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