Yustianna Disturbed


Yustianna Disturbed is a short secondary quest in which you will get to decide the fate of some unsuspecting bandits.

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It is recommended that you have The Eye of Nehaleni on you when you start this quest.
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You’ll get it during the “Wandering in the Dark” main quest.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Explore the Grotto.

There is a cave in northern Ard Skellig, called Yustianna’s Grotto. It contains some treasure chests that you can loot, but to fully explore it you’ll need The Eye of Nehaleni, which will show that some of the rock walls in it are an illusion.

The Grotto’s central chamber is being looted by bandits; approach and speak with their leader. You’ll have three options.
Choice 1

Pay them to let you live.

It will cost you 150 Crowns. The quest will then conclude.
Choice 2

Tell them that you’ll leave.

You’ll need Axii Delusion Level 3. This will cost you nothing. The quest will then conclude.
Choice 3

Kill them and take the loot.

The quest will then conclude.
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    I went around to the left at the first junction, using the Eye. Looted most of the place first going that way around to the bandits. Once I walked past them, the quest triggered. They were non hostile til then They are L25. choose the AXII them and walked back around again to loot everything else. Once I got to the doorway where the quest triggered, they turned hostile but since I had all the loot already, I left them.

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