The Witness Quarry Puzzle Solutions

The Quarry area is next to the Logging – Orange Trees area, and represents a compilation of different types of puzzles that can be found all over the island like: collect all the dots, separate white and black dots, tetris puzzles, colors separation puzzles and stars puzzles. We strongly recommend avoiding this area before you master some of the listed puzzles above.
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If you need a hint for solving puzzles in the other areas, check our guide for all puzzle solutions in the Witness.

witness quarry puzzles This area consists of two parts – the Quarry and Boat house. Completing all puzzles unlocks the final puzzle on the Quarry rooftop, which activates the Quarry laser.
Secrets: Don’t forget to collect two hidden objects in this area: Audio File in the Quarry and Puzzle board on the Quarry rooftop.

The greatest reward for a person playing The Witness is solving the puzzles. Using a guide to solve them should be your last resort, when you are at your wits’ end. We found ourselves in that position many times while playing this game and that is why we provide these guides. Proceed with caution because there are spoilers ahead.

Quarry puzzles

At the very beginning you have to unlock two doors by solving different types of puzzles: separate white and black dots, and tetris puzzles.The first two Quarry puzzles are found on the huge locked door. Both puzzles are very simple and if you can’t solve them easily, this area will cause you a lot of troubles. Once inside, activate the console and lift up the platform that leads to the first set of puzzles. These puzzles introduce a new element – eliminator, whose role is to eliminate one shape on the board, but only if the shape is in the same enclosed section with the eliminator.Use the next console which activates moving platform that leads to the next section known as “colors separation puzzles”. At the very beginning your goal is to draw a line that separates red from green dots, and later on, as puzzles become more and more complicated, the number of colors increases to 4.Follow the wire that leads into a small room with two puzzles. The first puzzle is on the wall next to the door. It looks very complicated with combination of three elements: collect dots, separate colors and use eliminator, but the only important thing about this puzzle is to choose the right starting point. For the second puzzle our advice is to choose one of the black dots to be eliminated.When you solve these puzzles, you will activate one of the wire that goes to the laser on the rooftop. Go back and if you want to use the stairs in the corner there is a simple puzzle that moves them down. Before you go down the stair don’t forget to take the Audio File.

Boat House tetris puzzles

Once inside the Boat House go down the stairs and solve two puzzles which will activate moving platform panel. The first of them is the stars type of puzzle where you have to section off two same color stars. If you have white and black stars together then your section has to consists of 2 black and 2 white stars.The first set of puzzles is tetris-like shapes with eliminator. You have to figure out which shape to eliminate, and usually it’s the biggest one. After completing this section, use the panel next to the obstacle to move the platform left or right. Solution to this puzzle is to group eliminator with the last shape, jump on the platform and bypass the obstacle.

Boat House stars puzzles

On the opposite side of the catwalk you’ll find another type of puzzles – star puzzles, and I have to admit it was a true challenge to solve some of them. Start by drawing a vertical line on the first panel, which will activate the set of 9 puzzles. Another set of three puzzles unlocks the last one. I thought that the last one will be the most difficult puzzle, but it was quite the opposite. After completing all puzzles in the Boat House, you should activate the Quarry laser on the rooftop. You’ll also find a secret Puzzle board on the rooftop.

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