Zelda Breath of The Wild Hylian Shield Location

Hylian Shield is the best shield in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It’s Hyrulean heritage, passed down generations of royal family. Fans of previous Zelda games will remember it fondly, so it even has nostalgic value. However, it’s one of the best shields in the game, but it can be destroyed – but you can get it again as many time as you wish! Finding it is easy, but getting past the monster that’s guarding it may not be. In this guide, we’re going to show you Zelda Breath of The Wild Hylian Shield location, how to get it.

zelda breath of the wild hylian shield location
Zelda Breath of the Wild Hylian Shield

Where to find Hylian Shield in Zelda BoTW

The famous Hyrulean shield is hidden deep within Hyrule Castle. It’s in one of the deepest dungeons in Hyrule Caste Underground. The castle is located on the northern edge of the Central Hyrule area. Once you’re inside, just travel downwards and look for a large, round room with a giant skeleton in the middle.

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How to get Hylian Shield in Breath of The Wild

In order to get the shield, you’ll have to beat the Stalnox boss – the giant skeleton with one eye. Save your game manually before the fight, so you don’t have to backtrack in case you die.

Obviously, the eye is his weak spot. You can get a few hits in before he assembles. Once he’s up, shoot him in the eye. It will stagger him. While he’s sitting there, holding his eye, strike him with everything you’ve got. As soon as he starts to get up again, run away or he’ll sit on you. Repeat the process several times. When he’s out of health, his eye will fall out. Destroy it or he’ll reassemble.

Once you’re done, a chest will appear, with the shield inside. Don’t forget to pick up the stray weapons and ingredients as well, they’re sure to come in handy.

Where to buy Hylian Shield when it breaks

Hylian Shield has a very high durability which means it takes a long time before it breaks. When it breaks, it can not be repaired, but you can buy a new one. The merchant you are looking for is named Grante. Grante is a secret vendor in Zelda BotW who can be found in Tarrey Town. This vendor allows you to buy back weapons and armors you’ve sold or broken. If you want to find this vendor take a look at our detailed guide Grante Secret Vendor – Armor & Weapon Buy Back Merchant in Tarrey Town.

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  1. A

    Not actually unbreakable when you get it. Just watched the shield break after tanking 23-24 shots from the laser turrets in the castle.

    1. N

      They recharge thought don’t they? they are still in your inventory compared to everything else that breaks and disappears.

      1. V

        When the Hylian Shield breaks, it’s gone. But a certain NPC will sell a replacement to you. Only after you’ve picked the first one up though. He’s in Terry Town, once the From the Ground up quest is done.

  2. H

    Yep, it definitely breaks..

  3. C

    Apparently octoroks can suck up items and when you beat them you get the item back brand new, idk if it works for shields however

  4. C

    But what about the bow of the Rito which you can also repair at the bow maker beside the hut of the chief?

  5. L

    hi i came here to ask what is the password to fashion Passion in gerudo village

    1. L

      The password to the fashion Club is:

      G S C (diamond)

      (stands for Gerudo secret club)

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