Zelda BotW Kass Secret Shrine Locations and Riddle Solutions

Zelda Breath of the Wild has more than a hundred shrines for you to find in its wonderful world. These are important because completing them gives you Spirit Orbs that you can exchange for additional hearth containers or bonus stamina (four spirit orbs for one health or stamina upgrade), and after completing all 120 shrines you’ll get Green Tunic of the Wild. By now you probably figured out that you can use your Sheikah Slate radar feature to locate shrines once you get close to them.

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While adventuring through Hyrule I came across a bird man named Kass playing his accordion (or is it a concertina?) and he offered me a side quest with a riddle to solve. To my surprise, solving the riddle revealed a secret shrine. These shrines do not register on your Sheikah Slate’s radar, which makes them very special. If you are a completionist like me you will want to find all of them as well. In this guide we’ll show you location of Kass, solution to his riddles and puzzles and discuss shortly what you can find in each shrine and perhaps how to solve it.

kass secret shrine locations and riddle solutions guide zelda

UPDATE: While doing Under a Red Moon Shrine Quest I found Kass on top of mushroom looking trees. There is also a hut there containing his diary. In it I found a list of all the songs that he researches and what follows are guides for each of the songs in his research. All but one reveal hidden shrines. After I completed all he dissapeared from all the spots in the world he was previously at. I am hoping to come across him one last time in my trek through Hyrule.

The Crowned Beast Quest – Mezza Lo Shrine – Getting Thunderblade

You can find Kass playing his songs in the Rabia Plain region, directly northeast of Kakariko village. He presents the following riddle:

“A beast that wears a crown of bone,
Prancing through the lush green.
Mount the beast upon its throne, For only then the shrine is seen”

For whatever reason I was stumped by this beast with crown of bone thing. Not until I saw them grazing nearby did I figure out it is a deer buck I am looking for (I also found out that I am slightly retarded for not thinking of that sooner). So, your goal is to find a buck, sneak up on him and press A to mount him when you are close enough and the game gives you a prompt to do so. I found it much easier to sneak up on them if you wear all stealth enhancing armor or eat some food with that property. It takes almost a full stamina bar to tame him. Once you do that go back to Kass on your newly acquired mount and stand on the glowing platform next to him. This should reveal the Mezza Lo shrine.

Puzzle inside Mezza Lo is called Ancient Trifecta. To the right of where you enter is a cube you can control with magnetism. Move it to reveal a laser that will hit the switch object. You can move the cube so that you can glide onto it and jump from it onto the platform with the chest to get Thunderblade sword; Magical sword with 22 damage that electrocutes enemies once it charges up and shines with a golden light. Now go back to the switch object and hit it with the sword and this should raise the platform next to the locked gate that takes you to the Spirit Orb guy. Once this happens move the cube so you can reach the newly raised platform. Once on it move the cube and drop it onto the switch in an enclosed area right of the locked gate. This should open the gate and complete the shrine.

Rubber Tights – A Song of Storms Shrine Quest – Qukah Nata Shrine

Kaas is up on a clearing that is hard to reach. You will have to find Calora Lake, directly east of the Faron Tower in Necluda region. Climb up a waterfall there to get to the clearing (use your freeze rune to create ice blocks to climb up with), or just scale the hill. He gives the following riddle:

“When a lost hero calls down lightning from the sky
The monk responds from a giant mound on high”

You’ll notice there’s a storm going on. This means that lightning can strike from the sky if you are wearing metal weapons. Go to the nearby mound and climb on top of it. If you have low hearths you will die, but you can do the following:

  • Equip a metal weapon (Iron Sledgehammer for example)
  • Once you see lightning sparks showing up on Link drop your weapon.
  • If the sparks do not transfer onto the weapon try opening your weapon inventory (hold right dpad) and choose remove again.
  • Once the sparks are on the weapon on the ground run away as fast as you can.
  • Lightning should destroy the mound and reveal the shrine

Enter the shrine and there is no puzzle to solve. You get Rubber Tights – part of the Rubber shock resistance armor set and an easy spirit orb.

Master of the Wind puzzle solution – Shai Yota Shrine – Great Flameblade

For the next encounter with Kass you will have to visit Haron Lagoon, north of Mount Lanayru and just a bit east of where it says Lanayru Great Spring on the map (southeast of Zora’s Domain). The riddle is as follows:

“He breaks the rocks that serve to bind
Above the tempestuous bay.
On wing of cloth and wood entwined,
He lands on the altar to open the way”

Wing of cloth and wood must be your paraglider and it seems you have to land on the altar shown during the quest cutscene. Now, just to figure out how to land there. There is a rock formation south of Kass that has winds blowing in various directions. If you climb it you should see four different breakable rock formations nearby. The puzzle solution is to create a wind stream blowing towards your goal. I advise you to use your bomb rune and destroy all the rock formations. This will let loose the winds they were blocking and create a central stream of air blowing towards the altar. Now, climb the rock formation and jump off of it and glide into the central stream. You need to do this from above, because you need the heights to be able to reach and land on the altar. This should unlock access to the secret shrine. Inside the shrine there are no puzzles and you can just pick up your Great Flameblade – high damage sword that sends out a fireball once charged.

Sign of the Shadow riddle solution – Sasa Kai Shrine – Frostblade

Thanks to sammy t for pointing this one out in the comments and providing the solution. You need to scale the Gerudo Tower in north part of Gerudo region (most southwestern part of the world map). KAss is on top of it and tells you the following verse:

“As light shines from the northwest skies,
From the tower’s shadow an arrow flies.
Pierce heaven’s light to reveal the prize.”

As sammy t pointed out in the comments you want to wait for the sun or the moon to reach the northwest and its shadow should point to the altar you need to activate. If you look southeast from the tower you will see the altar. Glide down to it and stand on it. All you have to do now is wait for either the sun or the moon to reach the right position. Altar will start to glow and I waited until the moon aligned with the tower exactly and shot an arrow in its direction. This unlocked the shrine. Inside the shrine you will have to defeat a guardian and as reward you get the Frostblade and spirit orb.

The Two Rings Quest – Sheem Dagoze Shrine

Go west of the Central Tower and cross the Jeddo Bridge towards north to find Kass on a rock giving you the following riddle:“When a single arrow threads two rings,
the shrine will rise like birds on wings.”

Riddle is pretty self explanatory. The trick is finding two stone formations that align for you to take a shot through them. Quest’s cutscene is misleading, showing some stones that won’t align. Refer to the screenshot to see the exact location of where I stood to make the shot and reveal Sheem Dagoze Shrine.

Under a Red Moon riddle – Mijah Rokee Shrine – Frostblade

You will find Kass on top of one of those strange, mushroom looking, trees southwest of Hyrule Ridge (directly west of Central Towers). To get to the top of the highest mushroom he is on you will have to scale the smaller mushrooms first. If you do not have twice upgraded stamina and full climbing set, you will have to have some stamina restoring food/potions He sings the following:

When the moon bleeds and the fiends
are reborn / The noks will invite you
as they have sworn.

But first you must stand on the pedestal
bare / With nothing between you and
the night air.”

You have to wait for the Blood Moon to rise. How to guess when the Blood Moon rises? I tried lighting a campfire sitting at it for 5 nights in a row, but I had no luck. Blood moon rises at midnight, but I am not sure if it is on a random night or just enough days have to pass. In any case, my suggestion is that you play the game and the moment you see a blood moon event happening you load an autosave and teleport immediately somewhere close to Kass’ location and wait for the event at the pedestal. There is also a guy at Dueling Peaks Stable named Hino that tells which phase the moon is in every night and also says whether the blood moon will come up that night. You can make a campfire at his location until he says that the bloodmoon will come up that night. As soon as it is nightfall (21:00) the pedestal will start to glow. All you need to do now is stand on it with all items removed (head, chest, leg armor, weapon, shield, bow) and this will reveal the shrine.

The Serpent’s Jaws riddle solution – Farosh’s Scale – Shae Katha Shrine

Kass is in Pagos Woods, east of Hylia Lake, in the Faron region. His song is an easy riddle to solve, but the hard part comes afterwards.

“Where the forest dragon splays its jaws,
A shrine sleeps with noble cause.”

Looking at the map you will clearly see a river that looks like serpent’s jaws, to the north of your current position. Go there and you will come across a tribe of enemies. You can actually run past all of them going towards the northernmost part of their settlement. You will find a Spring of Courage with a blessing statue there. It tells you that you need to offer Farosh’s Scale to unlock the shrine.

How to get Farosh’s Scale

Farosh is one of the dragon spirits that appear in Hyrule. He spawns at Lake Hylia at midnight (his head appears out of the lake at 00:10 in-game time for me). He makes flight towards the eastern hill and makes a u-turn towards the Bridge of Hylia. I stood on top of the southern gate of the bridge. There are two towers on top of the gate and I stood on the western one (looks a bit broken). You need to shoot the dragon’s body with any of your arrows (if you hit the mouth, horn, claw you will not get the scale). Shoot a bit above him and you should be able to do it. Alternatively you can glide on top of the updraft he creates and if you aim your bow mid flight time will slow down and you can make a perfect shot. This drains stamina extremely fast so have stamina replenishing food or elixirs ready. The scale dropped for me in the water. I swam to it and picked it up.

Now go back to the Spring of Courage and drop the scale into the water. This will unlock the shrine, inside which you will find a Thunderspear.

The Hero’s Cache location

This is a special Kass quest, since there is no shrine involved. You need to wait until 17:00 game time and the shadow of the pillar Kass is on will show the location of a hidden treasure chest. Inside it you will find 300 rupees and also complete the last Kass quest.

I hope this guide helped you when you got stuck during one of the more fascinating quest chains in Zelda Breath of the Wild. I would like to thank all the people that commented and left tips. Without you this guide would not have been what it is.