Zelda BotW Mezza Lo Shrine - Ancient Trifecta Challenge

Mezza Lo shrine is an interesting two-part adventure in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It will require you to finish the Ancient Trifecta challenge. To collect the shrine’s Spirit Orb and the treasure, you’ll need to find and complete one specific quest, to reveal the entrance. The journey that you’ll make, it truly feels unique and rewarding. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Zelda BoTW Mezza Lo shrine, how to complete Ancient Trifecta challenge.

Mezza Lo Shrine Location

This is not your typical “climb on the mountain, break some rocks to reach the entrance” shrine. To find Mezza Lo, you’ll need to complete a specific shrine quest.

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East from Central Hyrule, there is an area called Lanayru Wetlands. Southeast from this area, northeast from Kakariko Village, there is a plateau. It is just south from Rutala River, east from Quatta’s Shelf and north from Rabia Plain. In this area, you’ll spot some NPC playing the accordion, just next to what looks like a larger, orange metal circle.

This NPC is called Kass, and he is well-known for giving many shrine quests. Whenever you hear the beautiful sounds coming from his accordion, you can expect to discover one shrine. We’ve made a guide about Kass’s locations and quest riddle solutions.

The particular Mezza Lo shrine quest is called “The Crowned Beast”. Once you acquire it, head west toward the rock boulders in the center of the meadow. Once near, you can spot a deer with the horns. Approach carefully and mount it. To sooth it successfully, you’ll need at least one point invested into stamina or some stamina food.

Take the deer to the orange metal plate next to Kass to reveal the hidden shrine entrance.

Mezza Lo Walkthrough

As soon as you enter the shrine, you can spot the orange crystal to your right. If you use Magnesis to move the nearby metal cube, a laser from the distance will hit this crystal.

Once the crystal is hit, it will activate the moving platform that goes in circles around the center of the shrine. Hit the crystal until it reaches the starting platform. Step on the platform and shoot the crystal with an arrow to make the platform move again. The first stop is the platform with the treasure chest. There is a Thunderblade (22 damage) in here.

The next stop is the platform with the switch. If you place the treasure chest, or the giant metal cube on top if it, it will open the gate to the Spirit Orb. This is also the next moving platform stop.

Spirit Orb Mezza Lo Zelda BotW
Zelda Botw Mezza Lo shrine

You can actually save some arrows by placing the large metal cube in the area just below the treasure chest shrine. From the starting platform, you can glide toward it and just climb from there. This method can be used for the spirit orb platform as well.

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