Zelda BotW Ya Naga Shrine - Shatter the Heavens Challenge

Ya Naga shrine is one of the many puzzle dungeons in Zelda Breath of The Wild. In order to clear it, you’ll have to beat the Shatter the Heavens challenge. To complete this shrine, there aren’t any special requirements, like particular outfits, weapons or arrows. While inside the shrine, you’ll experience the feeling of being an astronaut, at least for a short while. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Zelda BotW Ya Naga shrine and complete the challenge.

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Zelda BotW Ya Naga Shrine Location
Ya Naga Shrine Location

Ya Naga Shrine Chest

Ya Naga Shrine is located in southern Hyrule, in the area called Lake Hylia. If you have the Lake Tower unlocked, you can just glide from it, towards the middle of the left part of the lake and onto the central small island. Although it is here in the open, it might be hard to spot as it is in the middle of the lake, and also in a hole.

The shrine challenge “Shatter the Heavens” gives a large hint as to what you should do in the first room. Approach the center of the room and place a remote bomb into the small metal pipe. It will take the bomb under the large stone cube. Now jump on the same stone cube and place the second remote bomb on top of it. Step back, activate first bomb, and the second one shortly after.

The first bomb’s explosion will propel the stone cube up in the air, while the second will “Shatter the Heavens” – destroy the ceiling. Now, we’ll repeat this process, but without the second bomb. This time, stay on the stone cube as well. After the first bomb explodes, you’ll end up flying into a room above. Be sure to face towards the right side (from the entrance) of the shrine.

Once in the air, in the room above, glide towards the treasure chest. It contains the Eightfold Blade (15 damage). This treasure chest reward, just like the other 119 shrine chest contents, is listed in our shrine rewards & challenges guide.

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