TOTK Hearty Durian (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Is the Hearty Durian in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Hearty Durians were one of the most popular food items in BotW due to the fruit’s ability to not only restore Link’s health but also temporarily boost his maximum number of Hearts. For this reason, it is a very sought-after item in Zelda TOTK. However, is it actually in the game? Let’s find out.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Durian
TOTK Hearty Durian

Can you Find Hearty Durian in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Let’s not beat around the bush here and jump straight to the chase. Unfortunately, you are not going to like the news. It has been confirmed that Hearty Durians are not in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In Breath of the Wild, they grow on trees in wooded areas of the Faron Grasslands. In addition, they are also purchasable from Chumin, the travelling merchant and Lorn’s Fruit Stand in Gerudo Town. However, none of these locations has them in Tears of the Kingdom.

While many players are disappointed by this revelation, some are happy, as they think that the benefits provided by Hearty Durian in the early game were too strong. Nintendo developers obviously agree with this. Hence, the decision to remove them from TOTK. So there you have it, Hearty Durians are not in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

However, keep in mind that they still might be added later, as a part of a free update or as additional content in some of the future DLCs. BotW had two massive DLC packs, and we expect the same for TOTK. Finally, in the meantime, is there an alternative? Well, yes, sort of. We advise you to look for Big Hearty Radish and Hearty Bass as a reliable replacements. Hearty Truffles are also a great “hearty” food. There are much more caves in the game, and they are usually filled to the brim with tasty mushrooms. However, in general, hearty food is rarer and somewhat nerfed in TOTK due to the Gloom debuff. Hence, you should also consider acquiring the Gloom Resistance Armor.

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