TOTK Lucky Clover Gazette Location

In our TOTK Lucky Clover Gazette Location guide, we are going to sow you where you can find the location of the Hyrule newspaper in Tears of the Kingdom. Talking to the editor gives you access to a large number of side quests that you’d otherwise be barred from. Not to mention the Great Fairies. That’s all fine and dandy, but the game never marks the Gazette on the map. Well, that’s why we will.

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totk lucky clover gazette location
TOTK Lucky Clover Gazette Location

Lucky Clover Gazette Location Tears of the Kingdom

The location of the Lucky Clover Gazette in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom is in the far north of the Tabantha Frontier. It’s in the absolute middle of nowhere, so we can’t even really give you any way to orient yourself. We can, however, give you the exact coordinates of the entrance into the Gazette: -3247, 1766, 0118. Yes, that’s literally the northernmost little corner of the Tabantha Frontier zone. Do bring some warm clothing, by the way; it gets pretty cold up there. Not Mount Lanayru cold, but still. Anyways, once you step into the large tent of the Gazette, you’ll see two NPCs, Penn and Traci. Talk to them to become a journalist and begin a series of side quests called Potential Princess Sightings.

So, there you have it, that’s where you find the location of the Lucky Clover Gazette in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, or TOTK. Now, is it worth venturing deep into the Tabantha wildlands and braving the cold and monsters? Yes, absolutely. It’s not that you can find any valuables around, it’s more that becoming an employee of the Gazette unlocks a ton of other things. For example, you’ll see Penn at every stable you visit, and talking to him will give you another side quest (like the one with Zelda’s golden horse, which you get to keep). On top of that, joining the Gazette is a necessary step in unlocking access to Great Fairy Tera. Doing that, in turn, allows you eventually release the other three fairies: Kaysa, Mija and Cotera.

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