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Deacon is one of the companions in Fallout 4. He’s a spy for the Railroad faction, and as expected, is quite versed in stealth.
In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Deacon, how to best use him and how to raise his affinity.

fallout 4 deacon companion
  • Name: Deacon
  • Type: Human male
  • Location: Old North Church
  • Quest: None
  • Romance: No
  • Perk: Cloak & Dagger

Deacon’s location

You’ll first meet Deacon under the Old North Church. When you get to the place, go inside and head to the basement. After you’ve reached a dead end, look for a crest with letters on the wall. Spell out railroad with the red arrow by turning the outer dial, then pressing the inside. As the door opens up, you’ll see Deacon and several other Railroad members.

How to get Deacon

To recruit Deacon, you’ll have to finish a quest called Tradecraft. After you help him deal with the Railroad’s problems, he’ll offer to travel with you.

Deacon’s abilities & perks

Abilities: Deacon is good at all things stealth – sneaking, disguises, etc. He’s also fun to spend time with, but won’t be all that useful to most players. Stealth builds are the obvious exception – his perk is of great help there.
Perk: Cloak & Dagger (+20% sneak attack damage and +20% Stealth Boy duration)

How to increase relationship level with Deacon

Deacon is the only human companion you can’t have a romantic relationship with. Increasing his affinity can be done by joining The Railroad, advancing through their ranks and helping their members.

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15 thoughts on “Deacon Companion

    1. Lancet11

      This is true both him and Glory are Synths based of what he said. Mind if I ask what you did with his “recall code” BTW?

  1. Bobbo

    No, Deacon is a human. If you pass his speech check demanding proof that he’s a Synth, he stammers and says he doesn’t have any.

  2. Thenosis

    Whatever you do don’t take Deacon to Virgil’s with you. It cause him to aggro and then you fail the quest to bring him the serum.

      1. Daonitre

        Nope. It’s the power armor you were wearing; take off the helmet before entering.
        You’ll notice that some people have different responses if you’re wearing a full power armor set… this is one of the more extreme examples.

    1. AtomicLeash

      Yup, I had Deacon with me and was in full Power armor, but Virgil was just a bit suspicious if the Institute sent me, nothing more.


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