FFXV Magic Spell Crafting Combinations

Crafting Spell Combinations guide shows the list of created spells, and ingredients needed for their crafting. The magic spells provide a vast variety of different effects.
These effects depend on the elemental energy and catalysts invested in its creation. Different elemental energies and catalysts creates different effects. They are not entirely unnecessary. Some of them multiply the effectiveness of the base spell, some add a different kind of magic, while others can even heal. Check out the guide below to find the list of the ingredients and newly crafted spells we’ve found so far.

Magic Spell Effects FFXV Note: If you are not entirely sure how the spells work, you can use our Elemancy & Magic System Guide to make it easier.

Elemental Energy and Crafting Ingredients

To craft the spell you’ll need a single elemental energy. These elements can be gathered from the nodes found all around the map. Noctis is the only one that can extract them manually from the nodes. There are also elemental absorbing weapons that can provide small amounts of elemental energy gains during combat. It is quite possible that Gladiolus can also draw some of them from the surroundings using his survival skill, but we can’t confirm this yet.

Elemental Energy Nodes FFXV Unlike elemental energy, to collect the ingredients you’ll have to do a bit more fighting. This is where you can find the most of the ingredients, but it is not the only way. More of them can be found at the vendors. This concerns specifically consumable items. Things like potions, elixirs, phoenix down can all be bought from the vendors. However, the ingredients, as well as the consumables, can be found in the open. On the ground, a bench, in some darker corner and so on.

Magic Spell Crafting Recipe Combinations

In order to create the dominant, let’s say, fire spell, you don’t have to only put fire elemental energy. You can add lighting and ice to the recipe. But in the end, the amount of Fire energy must be dominant over the others. You need to have more Fire energy in the spell than Lighting or Ice to make it a fire spell.

There are also recipe combinations of two effects, let’s say blizzard and thunder. It happens once you combine Ice and Lighting with an elixir. The spell will explode as a Blizzard, and then once more as a Blizzard and Thunder.

Name Description #1 #2
Unicast Casts Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder Ice + Fire + Lighting
Fire Inflicts Fire-based elemental damage Fire
Thunder Inflicts electricity-based elemental damage Lighting
Blizzard Inflicts Ice-based elemental damage Ice
Dualcast: Fire Casts Fire up to two times Fire Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Dualcast: Thunder Casts Thunder up to two times Lighting Hard Whiskers
Dualcast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard up to two times Ice Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Dualcast: Blizzard-Thunder Casts Blizzard, then Blizzard or Thunder at random Ice + Lighting Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Tricast: Fire Casts Fire up to three times Fire Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Thunder Casts Thunder up to three times Lighting Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard up to three times Fire Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Blizzard-Thunder Casts Blizzard, then Blizzard and Thunder at random, up to two times Ice + Lighting Elixir
Healcast: Fire Smites with Fire while healing the caster Fire Potion
Healcast: Thunder Smites with Thunder while healing the caster Lighting Potion
Healcast: Blizzard Smites with Blizzard while healing the caster Ice Potion
Venomcast: Fire Casts Fire imbued with the power to poison Fire Scorpion Barb, Funguar
Venomcast: Thunder Casts Thunder imbued with the power to poison Lighting Scorpion Barb, Funguar
Venomcast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard imbued with the power to poison Ice Scorpion Barb, Funguar
1# – Name of the needed elemental energy ingredients
2# – Name of the needed catalysts
Potion, Phoenix Down, Elixir – Consumables bought from vendors, or found in the open.
Scorpion Barb – The pointed barb at the end of a stinger
Funguar – A chewy mushroom that grows on rocky terrain
Hard Whiskers – Taken from a mesmenir

Crafting Spell Information

There are many ways you can help yourself and make the crafting system more enjoyable. The main method is to invest AP points into the Magic Ascension grid. This grid can help you absorb more energy from elemental deposits, enhance your energy absorption rate of elemental-absorbing weapons, enhance the magic of each party member, enhance potency when crafting spells. Magic ascension grid abilities give AP, EXP, extra spells when crafting.

To make the game even more enjoyable, please help check out our Tips & Tricks Final Fantasy XV Guide.





    If u add 99 blizzards plus Adamantoise meat u’ll gain freeze spell same with thunder u’ll gain electron spell
    And with fire it gives flare. Also i don’t remember witch item i used but 99of each element plus this item gave me maxicast spell it randomly casts thundaja blizzaja or firja 20k+ dmg without any limit break abilites
    Hope I helped

      Senketsu Kira

      you can use zu beaks or adamantoise meat with equal parts of all three elements and you get maxicast. there’s also the wind up lord from the 10k gil JM5 machine in altissa that also limit breaks spell one gives you 50 casts.

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