Animal Extraction Locations | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Wild animals are a common sight in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. If you knock them out, you can use the Fulton device to send them to Mother Base, where they’ll be kept on a Zoo platform.
If you collect one of each species, you’ll unlock the Conservation achievement/trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you the animal extraction locations for rare species.

Grey Wolf

mgsv phantom pain animal extraction locations Grey wolves are common throughout Afghanistan. One pack can be found near the road, halfway between Lamar Khaate Palace and Da Shago Kallai.

Wild Donkey

mgsv wild animal locations Wild donkeys are commont in both Afghanistan and Angola. There is one donkey wandering the road from Qarya Sakhra Ee to Da Smasei Lamar.

Himalayan Brown Bear

mgsv phantom pain himalayan brown bear location This bear can be caught during a Side Op mission called 48 – Capture The Legendary Brown Bear. He can be found in the mountain pass that connects the roads from Wakh Sind Barracks to Qarya Sakhra Ee in the south, and from Aabe Shifap Ruins to Serak Power Plant in the north. It took us 7 shots with the WU Pistol to put him to sleep. Note: He is not, in fact, brown.

Grant’s Zebra

mgs5 zebra location The zebra is a common animal in Angola. One of the places to find it is in the fields just east of Nova Braga Airport.

Nubian Goat

mgs5 nubian goat extraction location The nubian goat isn’t hard to find, if you’re in Angola. We found our first one on the road between Mfinda Oilfields and Bwala ga Masa, near outpost #6.


mgs5 okapi animal location The okapi is a rare species – so rare, in fact, it’s referred to as a living fossil. They live in Angola, and we found one roaming the northern plains, between Mfinda Oilfield and Kiziba Camp. It was peaceful and calm, and didn’t try to escape when we approached it.


Ibis metal gear solid 5 Ibis bird can be found in Luftwa Valley, in the Angola-Zaire region. Bring D-Dog with you and follow the trail into the forest. You’ll find the bird around the waterfall.


mgsv phantom pain Jackal During the Side op 50 mission called Capture the Legendary Jackal, you can catch this animal. Just south of Nova Braga Airport in Africa, you’ll find a pack of jackals.


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    Hey, we found alot of okapies at the same location you gave us. They are easier to find at night and when you have D-Dog with you.


    Eh, Boer Goat is a rare one and Caracal,,, Is this list not fully complete?


    This guide needs to be expanded, there is so many animals which I wasn’t able to find. =/


    It appears as the entire TPP guide has fallen behind due to TTK… Shame, really.


    I brought the Himalayan Brown bear(side op 48) to sleep with one headshot from the Sleep Sniper Rifle

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