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Blood Runs Deep is the 18th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The goal is to extract a number of people from a mine in Angola.
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There’s a twist to the story, and a touching ending. No matter what approach you take, Quiet is the best choice of buddy for this mission. When you finish the mission, you’ll get the Children’s Reward key item. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete each mission task in mission 18.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

There’s a blueprint for a powerful pistol to be found during this mission:

Mission Text

Eliminate the six rebel Mbele soldiers taken prisoner by the ruling Buta tribe, to ensure they cannot talk.

Eliminated the former rebel Mbele soldier

This is the first task you can complete. The starting area is just south of Bampeve Plantation, where you can find the Mbele Soldier. You have to distinguish him from other soldiers, but since he’s the only one with a white shirt, you’ll spot him easily.

Extracted the former rebel Mbele soldier

If you take Quit as the buddy, and she doesn’t have tranquiliser sniper riffle, be sure to put her on a scouting task, since she can kill the target while you’re trying to put him to sleep.

Eliminated 5 prisoners being held at Kungenga mine

This is the end goal of the mission. The five prisoners you have to “eliminate” are deep inside the Kungenga mine. They are behind the metal door at the end of the road that leads into the mine.

Extracted child prisoner

This is somehow a mandatory mission task. In order to do it properly, don’t forget that you can always put the child down on the floor in order to use weapons beside a pistol.

Eliminated the gunship

mgs5 blood runs deep eliminate gunshipThere’s several ways to take down the chopper flying over the area. The easiest way is to bring a missile launcher with you. If your bond with Quiet is high enough, you can throw a grenade at it and have her shoot it. Keep in mind that destroying it will raise an alarm – if you’re doing a stealth run, you can’t finish this task.

Completed the mission by extracting the 5 child soldiers without the enemy discovering their escape

mgs5 escape kunenga mine children
The 1st group
This is the hardest mission task. Once you exit the area where the kids are, you have to walk by 4 groups of enemies. The first one is in the first wider area, as soon as you leave the cave. The second group of only two people is on your first sharp turn right. Be careful here, as it is more than hard to spot them at first. The third group is the largest one. It is in the area where you find yourself after following the river. The last group is full of snipers! They are hidden around the extraction zone.

Extracted 5 snipers from areas near Kungenga mine, NE and SW Guard Posts

Although I haven’t completed this task, the snipers at the end of mission remain the real threat, in my mind. If you haven’t gotten the 5th sniper and you are already extracting the kids, keep in mind that there is one (or more) at the end of the mission.

Update: Thanks to comment by Dastro here are some of the possible sniper locations:possible sniper locations blood runs deep

Extracted 3 armored vehicles

mgsv blood runs deep extract armored vehicleThese vehicles patrol the area outside Kungenga Mine. Before you reach the mine, be sure to extract them as they patrol the road. You can use an EMN Mine to disable them without doing damage.

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  1. M
    Mortal Dictata

    Word of warning if you don’t take down the chopper. When your rescue helo arrives it can decide to bugger off and try to take down the enemy attack helo by itself meaning it could be destroyed or heavily damaged as a result.

    1. V

      But if you have modified your chopper with primary weaponry, cleaning up the guard post without sounding the alarm + cleaning up the escape route ahead will easily gets you + 5 children to safety by using your chopper at LZ to fight the other one, ultimately destroying it without triggering alarm

      1. B

        i vouch for this one……… just played this one last night…….. got S rank with the exact method as stated by “Veneraux”
        My pick up chopper blast the gunship into smitheren

  2. N

    Can someone help me out and tell me where can I find those 5 snipers exactly! I’ve looked everywhere and searched for them, but there are no snipers in the whole mission.. I think it’s a bug or something..

    1. S

      @Near I have tried looking for them, there were 6 – 7 snipers i found during the mission extracted all of them and nothing happened :v so i am guessing these are just ordinary ones.

      1. T

        Best way to do it is to interrogate soldiers from the furthest NE and SW guard posts. One of them will tell you the locations of the snipers not far from the guard post. This also comes hand-in-hand with extracting the 5 kid soldiers without being discovered as the easiest way I’ve found to do it is to just kill everyone including the attack helicopter.

      2. D

        Extract Snipers from those locations as well, don’t know i marked a good one, just search that areas for those snipers and extract them all.

    2. R

      I take D Dog on every mission…. and have yet to be surprised by any hidden sniper. The D Dog always sniffs them out. Quiet is too high maintenance, overprotective and kill crazy for my tastes.

  3. S

    I ended up extracting every single person before I got to the children and destroyed the air radar. That enables you to completely bypass the snipers as long as you tranq all of the children and move them to the closer LZ.

  4. U

    @Near – to find the snipers, you’ll need to interrogate soldiers from outposts 2 and 13 before you head to Kungenga, IIRC. They’ll say something like “Search this area”. 13 will lead you to 2, 02 to 3. I did it before killing the Mbele rebel, right after taking care of the gunship, but not sure it matters.

  5. H

    Anyone can help me find 3 armored vehicles please ? i only find 2 🙁

    1. V

      you can interrogate some soldiers at random guard post to pinpoint the location of all armored vehicles

  6. S
    Scoped Evil

    An easy way to complete the side objective ‘Completed the mission by extracting the 5 child soldiers without the enemy discovering their escape’ is by using the wormhole upgrade on the futon. That way you can extract them right after the cutscene whilst still inside the cave (including the injured kid).
    More of an end game approach though due to the wormhole requirement.

    1. S
      Scoped Evil

      I forgot to note though that you need to Tranq them so theyre asleep before you can do so..

  7. J

    Do you gain anything from extracting the mbele soldier as opposed to just killing him?

    1. S

      The objective, leve to a no kill bonus, and his skills twoards motherbase.

  8. Z

    Easiest way to do the “Completed the mission by extracting the 5 child soldiers without the enemy discovering their escape”
    Unlock the fulton children
    Clean the outpost before meeting the childrens
    Say goodnight (tranq them)
    Extract them
    Run with the last one (the one who can’t walk) on your shoulders to the closest evacuation point (you can clean it before)

    1. Z

      Oh, even easier, you can tranq the one who can’t walk too and extract him with 100% success

  9. A

    For those having an issue with finding the 3 Armored vehicles, I found mine at Bampeve Plantation, the road in front of the mine, than the third at Outpost 9. Was a long shot to check outpost 9 but it worked.

  10. S
    Silent Snake

    For an easier time with the 5th task, which is to extract the children without the enemy discovering their escape, you can have the children fulton upgrade, knock out the kids and extract them without any trouble.

  11. S

    5 sniper area:
    3 at [J]
    2 at [K]

    1. E

      Seseorang’s picture worked for me, thank you.

    2. A

      This one worked for me as well, pic in the walkthrough didn’t give me the right locations.

  12. C

    To specify where the armored vehicles are: one can be found near the starting area, another patrolling the road between the plantation and the mine, and the third going back and forth between the NE and SW outposts outside the mine. It’s quite easy to miss the first one.

    1. C

      Also, Seseorang’s map showing the snipers is correct; the one currently shown in the walkthrough is slightly wrong.

  13. J
    Juan Oropeza

    I cant interrogate anyone on this mission what lenguaje they speak?

  14. A

    Thanks, this site is great for getting 100% of mgs v atm im at 99% 😀

  15. T

    You need to put pics of the locations of each armored vehicle, and also, the pic of the locations of the snipers are wrong. All the way to the bottom there are two snipers and not one, the two dots adjacent to one another are not there, only the other three to the far right of the map.

    The first vehicle you should get is heading down to outpost 09 from 04, the next is going up from outpost 03 to Bampeve Plantation, capture or kill the soldier on the way there first then head down and wait for it with an emn mine, and the last one will be coming up from outpost 13 towards the intersection of outpost 07 and Kugenga mines.

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