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Blood Runs Deep is the 18th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The goal is to extract a number of people from a mine in Angola.
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There’s a twist to the story, and a touching ending. No matter what approach you take, Quiet is the best choice of buddy for this mission. When you finish the mission, you’ll get the Children’s Reward key item. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete each mission task in mission 18.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

There’s a blueprint for a powerful pistol to be found during this mission:

Mission Text

Eliminate the six rebel Mbele soldiers taken prisoner by the ruling Buta tribe, to ensure they cannot talk.

Eliminated the former rebel Mbele soldier

This is the first task you can complete. The starting area is just south of Bampeve Plantation, where you can find the Mbele Soldier. You have to distinguish him from other soldiers, but since he’s the only one with a white shirt, you’ll spot him easily.

Extracted the former rebel Mbele soldier

If you take Quit as the buddy, and she doesn’t have tranquiliser sniper riffle, be sure to put her on a scouting task, since she can kill the target while you’re trying to put him to sleep.

Eliminated 5 prisoners being held at Kungenga mine

This is the end goal of the mission. The five prisoners you have to “eliminate” are deep inside the Kungenga mine. They are behind the metal door at the end of the road that leads into the mine.

Extracted child prisoner

This is somehow a mandatory mission task. In order to do it properly, don’t forget that you can always put the child down on the floor in order to use weapons beside a pistol.

Eliminated the gunship

mgs5 blood runs deep eliminate gunshipThere’s several ways to take down the chopper flying over the area. The easiest way is to bring a missile launcher with you. If your bond with Quiet is high enough, you can throw a grenade at it and have her shoot it. Keep in mind that destroying it will raise an alarm – if you’re doing a stealth run, you can’t finish this task.

Completed the mission by extracting the 5 child soldiers without the enemy discovering their escape

mgs5 escape kunenga mine children
The 1st group
This is the hardest mission task. Once you exit the area where the kids are, you have to walk by 4 groups of enemies. The first one is in the first wider area, as soon as you leave the cave. The second group of only two people is on your first sharp turn right. Be careful here, as it is more than hard to spot them at first. The third group is the largest one. It is in the area where you find yourself after following the river. The last group is full of snipers! They are hidden around the extraction zone.

Extracted 5 snipers from areas near Kungenga mine, NE and SW Guard Posts

Although I haven’t completed this task, the snipers at the end of mission remain the real threat, in my mind. If you haven’t gotten the 5th sniper and you are already extracting the kids, keep in mind that there is one (or more) at the end of the mission.

Update: Thanks to comment by Dastro here are some of the possible sniper locations:possible sniper locations blood runs deep

Extracted 3 armored vehicles

mgsv blood runs deep extract armored vehicleThese vehicles patrol the area outside Kungenga Mine. Before you reach the mine, be sure to extract them as they patrol the road. You can use an EMN Mine to disable them without doing damage.

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