NBA 2K17 Doing Work - how does it work?

NBA 2K17 Doing Work is a new feature in MyCareer. It’s a bar / meter that you can fill up in different ways. It unlocks after a certain point in the game. Filling up your Doing Work bar earns you new Attribute Upgrades through your MyCareer experience. It fills up somewhat slowly, but you can speed the process up if you choose your activities wisely. In this guide, we’re going to explain Doing Work in NBA 2K17.

How to unlock Doing Work

This feature is only available in MyCareer. Even there, it isn’t present from the start. You’ll have to finish your college career and get drafted into the NBA. After your foot is in the door, you’ll get days off. This is when you’ll get to engage in Doing Work.

Doing Work – how does it work?

When you get a day off, choose to go to open practice facility. Once you’re there, everything you do will fill up your Doing Work bar. Some things fill it up slower, others faster. When it’s full, it will move you closer to an attribute upgrade. You won’t be able to train your MyPlayer up to his maximum without using this system. The training room will offer different conditions at different times of day, so if you want to shoot by yourself, for example, you should come in the morning.

  • When you leave a practice or training, the blue bar will deplete and then a yellow bar will partially fill.
  • Once that yellow bar gets full, you get your attribute point.
  • You have to spend VC to upgrade an attribute
  • If you were playing in your own little practice warehouse, it won’t turn to yellow until the next NBA game you play starts. If you’re at the actual team practice facility, it will turn to yellow every time you leave the practice (thanks mouse-bear).
There’s a bug where it sometimes doesn’t let you walk into the training area. If that happens, wait for your teammates to ask you to play and decline. This will let you move on.

How to fill Doin Work bar

You might not like this part of the game. You might see it as a chore. Thankfully, there are ways to fill the bar up faster, or with less effort.

  • Your best bet is the weight room on the right side. The agility ladder takes a minute to finish and it’s a great way to boost your Doing Work
  • If you just don’t want to do stuff, select the box jump and fail it four times. This should fill up the bar easily.
  • Getting gold twice for vert jump fills the bar
nba 2k17 doing work mycareer

If you have any suggestions on how to earn Doing Work faster, please let us know in the comments.

29 thoughts on “Doing Work – how does it work?

    1. B R

      Thats what i was wondering but what it does is add another point to “points left” on ur attribute screen. I had 24 points available to apply… then filled the meter and i had 25 points left to apply.

    2. Jay

      It automatically adds level cap. It makes each category have one more upgradeable level (mid range, 3pt, Post Scoring, etc.) I tested it because I was only able to have rebound lvl 4 on my SF. Now I can buy 8 more.

    1. Kay

      What store exactly are you talking about? because I went there and only see the attribute BOOST for the 1/game u can buy.. But nothing to apply the “doin work” stuff I’ve gotten so far

  1. Kay

    Ok, so I’ve figured it out! When you get the attribute cap upgrade, it goes on your attributes; I had 35 upgrades available, went to the gym and got my yellow meter filled and now I have essentially (thank god) u can upgrade your players attributes more than originally anticipated.. With some “doin work” effort lol. Hope this helps!

  2. Cody

    So if you fill up your yellow meter and you get the one attribute point, on the screen after your yellow bar empties, when u get said attribute point, and they have “levels, when u get to the top of the I think it’s 5 bars do u unlock your attribute caps? I’m an 87 and only getting one attribute point for 6-7 practices is going to take awhile

  3. franky

    i Keep filling up the yellow bar and not getting the upgrade, i still have 5 caps not full with not upgrades left, im a 91.. why cant i get more upgrades or howw do i get more??

    1. YERP

      When you hit 95 you can’t get any higher unless you play park and earn Superstar 1 for more attribute upgrades

  4. Dame

    So ive been on 95 for quite some time but the only thing is since my last cap upgrade my meter has been gone every practice I do is not being recorded and im only a All-star 1 so i have to level up in tge park or pro-am to continue to level up???

  5. Kiree

    I’m a 88 ovr sharpshooter I go to the practices and fill the bar which then empty into the other bar, once I fill the bar that gives you the attribute cap upgrade I go to upgrade my shooter and it says I have zero upgrades and I can’t upgrade my dude how do I fix this?

  6. Tray Burd

    Once you reach a level 95 you max out until you become a SUPERSTAR 1 in mypark.. That’s what 2k didn’t tell us. This is kind of F’d up for the people that don’t play mypark like that because it forces you to play this year and if you don’t know that in the beginning you probably put your upgrades in the wrongs spots just like I did.. smh this is 100% correct..


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