Patch 1.22 Changelog | Witcher 3

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CD Projekt Red have released another patch for The Witcher 3. Update 1.22 fixes a lot of the errors & problems people have been having since Blood and Wine came out.
It’s only on PC at this moment, but console versions will be updated as soon as possible.

witcher 3 patch 1.22
There are three pages of notes – a lot has been fixed and improved upon. If you want to view the full list, check the changelog. Here are some of the more important fixes:

  • A diagram for Dark Iron Plates has been added to the crafting list
  • Corvo Bianco upgrades will no longer stall indefinitely if you leave Toussaint while they’re in progress
  • Roach’s tail won’t disappear anymore
  • Wolf School diagrams will appear in their usual places
  • You won’t be getting trapped in Beauclair anymore
  • An art dealer has been added to the game, and he sells a bunch of paintings
  • The infinite money glitch with the beehive and the blacksmith has been fixed
As you can see, it’s quite a hefty update. Sadly, some rather funny (or disturbing, depending on how you look at it) things have been patched out as well, like a woman in a red dress that sometimes followed Geralt everywhere he went. Such is the way of progress.

7 thoughts on “Patch 1.22 Changelog

  1. The AnimatedDog

    Any idea if this patch fixes the insanely high level requirements for diagrams in NG+? The ones that are level 100+?

  2. Max Veselovsky

    parts of my map are gone im trying to do a mission and theres just a whole in the ground everytime
    not happy mate not happy just got the expansions

  3. Jonesy

    The patch fixed a lot of problems but created a few new ones. It took forever to put things in my stash before but now it takes 5 times longer

  4. Giovanni

    Wolf School Gear chest is bugged cant access it I assume since its a free DLC their not in a rush to fix it…


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