Seegson Communications Alien: Isolation Mission 4

Fourth mission in Alien: Isolation is called Seegson Communications and it introduces you to hostile androids and motion tracker tool that will be crucial through the rest of the game.

Make your way to Comms Control

As you exit the elevator you will come across an android that is still friendly.
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Neraby is a rewire system you can use to enable door access. Follow the hallways and explore different rooms since you are still in no danger. As you get to the north hallway you will find the motion tracker at the end of the hallway. Pick it up and access Archive Logs 023, 024, 025 and 026 in a nearby computer terminal. It is important to go to the Utility folder on the computer to unlock door access to the upper level.Door will open south of the room with the motion controller so make your way upstairs to observation deck.

Noisemaker (V.1) Blueprint

As you get upstairs there is a door locked by a bracer. Open it and inside the rooms there you will find the Noisemaker Blueprint. This blueprint enables you to make bombs/traps that will attract attention of enemies while you make your way past them.

Find another way inside

Go south of where you found the blueprint. You’ll find two locked doors. Hack your way through the southernmost one. Make your way through the vent duct and you’ll witness android hostility for the first time. From there on out androids should be avoided.

Gain Access To The Elevator. Avoid Detection

There’s a room across where you exit the vent shaft. Collect Archive logs and Personnel ID tag and use the Rewire system to disable Camera Feed. There is another camera you saw as you exited that vent shaft. You can disable it little further down that hallway, next to the security station with an android inside. Once you disable it go back southeast and enter the door to comms control.

Contact Verlaine and the Torrens

You will see the Comms Control straight ahead, but you should climb upstairs to your left to reach Central Communications and attempt using External communications to talk to the Torrens. While you are there collect Archive Logs 032 and 033

Find an alternate communications terminal

You need to go downstairs and avoid the hostile androids to get to the south room with an alternate comm terminal. Here is how to avoid the hostile androids in comms control. Crouch and as soon as you enter the big room go to your right (south). There are vent access doors in the floor. Enter the vents and go to the southeast exit. Android should have his back turned to you and you can sneak south through the door. Keep going south.

Reactivate Samuels’ Communication

As you move south you should come across a room with rewire system which you can use to disable some camera feeds and lightning (you are harder to detect, but it is harder to see as well). You can use the vent ducts to get to the Internal Communications room where you objective can be completed by using the computer consoles.

Return to Samuels and Taylor

There will be more androids patrolling the area on your way back. Use your motion tracker to avoid them and sneak through air ducts as much as you can. Use our map bellow for the best route.As you get to the lower floor you will have access to additional rooms. Android should be patrolling the main hallway where you emerge from upstairs, but you can sneak behind his back into the north room. Go behind the big consoles in the north part of the room to get to the storage room where you pick up some Archive Logs. Move through the air ducts and you will get to the central part of Monitoring Rooms floor. You should really visit the central room there because it contains your first Nostromo Log. It is heavily guarded so use your motion sensor a lot. Remember, if you get caught by the androids and survive the encounter you can run back into the vent shafts to lose them. BE careful and in no time you will get to Medical via the transit system.



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