Anthem How to Unlock Gear Sigils Blueprints - Rare, Epic

Gear sigils are consumables in Anthem. If used before an expeditions, they will increase the efficiency of your gear for the duration of the mission. You can unlock blueprints that allow you to craft rare and epic versions of these sigils, but a lot of people don’t know how. It’s needlessly convoluted, and it’s completely different from how you get schematics for other sigils. This guide will show you how to unlock gear sigils of higher tiers in Anthem.

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anthem how to unlock gear sigil blueprints
Anthem How to Unlock Gear Sigils of Higher Tiers – Rare, Epic

How to get gear sigil at higher tiers?

You might have noticed that you get weapon sigil blueprints by levelin up your faction loyalty with the arcanists. You also might have noticed you get better versions of the combo, melee and ultimate sigils by using those abilities in the field. Gear sigils are the exception, obviouisly – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Because things so rarely make sense in the world of Anthem, you unlock gear sigils by completing strongholds. You’ll need to complete the Stronghold Master 1 challenge in order to get uncommon fire, ice, lightning and acid sigil blueprints. The next level of the challenge will grant you the rare versions, while the last one provides the epic variants. You can track your progress through these by opening up the challenges tab of the journal, selecting expeditions, then stronghold.

Sadly, this isn’t the only thing that’s bound to confuse lots of people. We’ve written about other, similar problems, like the one that concerns changing your javelin color, or how luck works. There’s also a bunch of bugs in the game, which prevent people from completing various expeditions, like the ones in the Challenge of the Legionnaires or Finding Old Friends. There’s a lot of stuff to get stuck on here, so we’ll keep covering it.

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