Anthem Elements & Elemental Effects - How to Use Ice, Fire, Acid, Electricity

Elements and elemental effects in Anthem revolve around attacks that do elemental damage. There are several elemental attacks in Anthem, like Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Acid. Knowing what they do, and what they’re good for, can mean the difference between life and death. So, maybe it’s not exactly a thing to experiment with; best you go in prepared ahead of time. With that in mind, our Anthem Elements & Elemental Effects – How to Use Ice, Fire, Acid, Electricity guide will show you how these attacks work and what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as Blast and Impact damage.

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Anthem Elements & Elemental Effects How to Use Ice Fire Acid Electricity
Anthem Elements & Elemental Effects – How to Use Ice, Fire, Acid, Electricity

How to Use Fire, Ice, Electricity, Acid Elements in Anthem?

First off, let’s talk about Fire. As an element, fire is excellent against the regular health bar, aka the red bar. It does damage over time; in other words, it’ll keep doing damage even after the initial blast, at least, to the enemies that end up ablaze. It’s obvious how you might find it useful. Not only that, but it’s also pretty handy against armor and physical shields. Energy shields, or the blue bar, is a different thing. Fire is not so great against that.

Ice is drastically different from Fire, obviously. For one, the main effect it has is slowing enemies down. Plus, if you build up the elemental effect far enough, you’ll freeze enemies in place, leaving them wide open for comboing, or just doing any kind of damage, really. Also, unlike Fire, Ice works fairly well against energy (blue) shields. Physical shields, not so much; those are fairly resilient to Ice.

Next up, we have Acid. Like Fire, it’s good against physical shields and armor (yellow bar). However, unlike Fire, it’s not about dealing damage over time to health, but more so to armor. However, the main effect of Acid is that it debuffs enemies affected by it, reducing their resistances. So, enemies under the effect of Acid take significantly more damage while the effect lasts.

Last, but certainly not least, is Electricity. Its main strength is against shields, especially against energy shields. Physical shields do have more stopping power against Lightning. The main effects is that it usually deals AoE damage and, even more importantly, the attacks chain from enemy to enemy, spreading from one to another if they’re nearby.

Impact & Explosive Blast Attacks in Anthem – How it Works

Impact and explosive attacks in Anthem are more or less the same. They don’t do any elemental effects, and they don’t have any particular strengths and weaknesses worth mentioning. Still, they do deserve to be here. After all, the damage they can do is not at all negligible. The main difference between Impact and Blast damage appears to be the area of effect. Impact deals the main punishment to one target, with maybe a few enemies that are nearby. Blast damage, on the other hand, has a wider AoE, allowing you to explode more enemies in one go.

That’s pretty much it. If you need further help with the game, check out some of our other Anthem guides, including Legendary Weapon Disappeared – Legion of Dawn Not Showing Up – How to Fix, How to Equip Banners & What They Do, and Legendary & Masterwork Weapons – Effects & Perks.

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