Anthem How to Farm Masterwork Legendary Gear, Weapons, Components

Masterwork gear, aka legendary weapons, abilities, and components, are high-level gear you can get in Anthem. You want to get the legendary gear in Anthem, because, well, that’s what the game is all about, one can argue. However, the question then becomes how to farm masterwork gear in Anthem. With that in mind, our Anthem How to Farm Masterwork Legendary Gear, Weapons, Components guide will show you how to get the legendary gear in Anthem with relatively high reliability.

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Anthem How to Get Masterwork Legendary Gear Weapons Components
Anthem How to Farm Masterwork Legendary Gear, Weapons, Components

How to Get Masterwork Legendary Weapons in Anthem?

To get Masterwork legendary weapons in Anthem, there are several different activities that you can grind. From what we can tell, it seems that there are six different Masterwork weapons that will start dropping from playing missions on hard once you’re at about level 25. Once you start playing on Grandmaster I difficulty, there’s a chance that you can get legendary weapons at random from all activities.

Then, there’s always Strongholds. Stronghold chests have a very high chance to drop you masterwork gear, weapons included. Also, grinding the stronghold bosses, since they drop guaranteed masterwork gear, although, this is more about the abilities, but we’ll get to that. Just to be sure, play on Grandmaster difficulty to increase your odds. Also, as is thee case with all of these, farming chests in free-roam is always another, if less dependable, option.

If you want more information on the legendary weapons in Anthem, check out our Anthem Legendary & Masterwork Weapons – Effects & Perks guide.

Anthem Legendary Masterwork Components – Where to Find?

To find Masterwork components in Anthem, you’re going to have to grind legendary contracts. There is a chance that chests from the open world can grant you masterwork components as well, but that’s arguably the bigger bother. Especially if you’re playing with other people and they keep opening chests before you manage to get to them.

So, legendary contracts are the way to go. So, get to completing those side missions for the faction reps, so that you can unlock the activities. Even those these missions are on the more difficult side, they almost guarantee that you’ll get a Masterwork legendary component.

Masterwork Abilities – How to Get Anthem Legendary Gear?

To farm masterwork legendary abilities in Anthem, it seems that completing strongholds and grinding the chests and bosses in the activity. These have a fairly high chance of dropping legendary abilities. And, again, farming chests in free roam is always something you can do. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that this isn’t a good option for abilities. The free-roam chests usually drop masterwork weapons, abilities are extremely rare. Best stick to the strongholds, especially the bosses. On Grandmaster I difficulty as soon as you unlock them, of course.

That’s about all there is to the legendary or Masterwork gear in Anthem. If something else is troubling you in the game, please feel free to check out some of our other Anthem guides, including Legendary Weapon Disappeared – Legion of Dawn Not Showing Up – How to Fix, How to Equip Banners & What They Do, and Anthem Can’t Start After Update – How to Fix.

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