Anthem Finding Old Friends Quest Bug & Tomb Glitch - How to Solve

Finding Old Friends quest bug has been the root of a lot of problems for Anthem players. Specifically, the bug in Anthem’s Finding Old Friends mission has been causing the game to crash, skipping the mission altogether, and even trouble with other missions down the line. For example, it might be the cause of the tomb quest glitch in Anthem, which locks the tombs up for certain players. With that in mind, we present to you our Anthem Finding Old Friends Quest Bug & Tomb Glitch – How to Solve guide to hopefully help you out.

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Anthem Finding Old Friends Quest Bug & Tomb Glitch - How to Solve
Anthem Finding Old Friends Quest Bug & Tomb Glitch – How to Solve

How to Fix Crash Bug in Finding Old Friends Mission & Tomb Quest Glitch in Anthem?

To solve the Finding Old Friends quest bug in Anthem, you have to play through the mission solo, and skip every cutscene that you can. Yes, what seems to be causing the crash bug in Finding Old Friends are the cutscenes. So, the only way to get through the thing is to play on your own. You’ll probably want to do it on Easy, just to get it over with as soon as possible. And, while your rushing through, make sure to have your finger on the skip button as soon as any cutscene even thinks of playing.

Also, his does seem to fix the tomb quest glitch; the one where the game just locks you out of the tombs. Apparently, completing the Finding Old Friends in Free Play can fix this issue. So, now that you know how to get through the actual mission without the game suffering an aneurysm, there’s a solid chance that you can open those tombs up by doing it in Free Play and skipping all the cutscenes. Alternatively, you can try finding a group that hasn’t played the mission yet, and try again with them.

Yes, these workarounds are pretty annoying, and have a chance of not working for you, but it’s the best you have right now. I’m certain that BioWare is going to fix these problems as soon as possible. If something else in the game is causing you headaches, feel free to peruse through our other Anthem guides, such as Tomb of General Tarsis Quest Bug – Cannot Complete Mission, Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions, and Hidden Depths Mission – Rotating Pillar Puzzle Solution.

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    Hi, How do i replay the ” Finding Old Friends Mission “? plz dont tell me i have to create a new character and start everything from scratch.

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