Anthem How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

Legendary contracts are high-level missions that you can unlock in Anthem. They are activities that the different factions in Anthem give you, like the Freelancers and Arcanists. The only catch is that you first have to get access to the Anthem legendary contracts. And, well, it seems that some people have been having trouble unlocking the legendary contracts, with a number of them complaining that unlocking them is bugged. So, here’s our Anthem How to Unlock Legendary Contracts guide to show you how to get those high-stakes faction quests.

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Anthem How to Unlock Legendary Contracts
Anthem How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

How to Unlock Legendary Contracts in Anthem?

To unlock legendary contracts in Anthem, you have to complete the agent side missions, or contracts, for each faction. Some have been saying that you have to max out the loyalty levels with all factions, but that’s not the case. However, it will still take a lot of work. Oh, and it appears that some players have been experiencing bugs, where the legendary contracts refuse to unlock. Fun, isn’t it?

You have to complete all the story lines for one given faction representative for the legendary contracts from that faction to start unlocking. So, for example, you have to finish all the Arcanist side missions that they have to offer before you can play their legendary contracts. Simple. And, since we’ve mentioned loyalty levels, you can be certain that you’ll raise those along the way, too. You just don’t need to get them all the way up to get the top-tier contracts.

That’s basically all there is to unlocking legendary contracts in Anthem. Completing them is a different matter, but that’s a story for another time. Anthem has its share of head-scratchers, and, if you’re getting headaches, check out some of our other Anthem guides. Among others, we’ve got How to Unlock Epic Weapon & Gear Crafting Blueprints, Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions, and How to Unlock Strongholds – Challenge of Legionnaires Tomb Bug, to name just a few.

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