AC Origins Sunslayer Sword is a New Community Challenge Reward

Sunslayer is a new legendary sword in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It is a reward for completing a community challenge. This weapon is not a part of the Anubis set officially, however, if you’ve played through the Trials of Gods, you will notice the similarities between it and the Trials rewards.

AC Origins Sunslayer Legendary Sword vs Conductor of Souls
Sunslayer New Golden Sword Comes as a Community Challenge Reward

How to get Sunslayer legendary sword?

The Sunslayer legendary sword is obtained by defeating one of the three gods during the Trials of the Gods event, as a part of the community challenge. This event lasts from December 19th-26th, and allows players to face all three gods: Anubis, Sobek, and Sekhmet. The community challenge tasks the entire player base with defeating the gods a certain number of times on each platform – 275000 times on PlayStation 4, 175000 times on Xbox One and 75000 times on PC. The goal has been reached on all platforms at the time of writing, and all you need to do is beat one of the gods to be eligible.

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To get the Sunslayer, you’ll have to log into your Ubisoft account and defeat one of the gods between December 19th and 26th. If you take a look at the challenges tab in Ubisoft Club, you’ll see the prizes you can claim. Go to the weekly challenges tab, and there should be a button that lets you redeem the reward. Now simply log into the game, and you’ll get the Sunslayer.

Keep in mind that, if you’ve met the requirements, you’ll have six weeks to redeem your reward. Do not stress if you are not able to defeat the gods during this time, as they’re bound to return in the future. The sword can also drop from a Heka chest.

Sunslayer is an upgraded version of the Conductor of Souls, a sword that was given to players for beating Anubis on previous occasions. It has the same damage, critical hit rate and combo multiplayer, but unlike the Conductor of Souls, the Sunslayer gives Health for Critical.

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    Anyone else getting a glitch that’s not letting you claim the sunslayer award?

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      Yea me too, try signing out then back in again, or a hard restart if you on console

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