AC Valhalla Alfred Study Location

Alfred is the mysterious friend you’ll meet near the end of your battle with the Order of The Ancients in AC Valhalla. After you’ve dealt with much of the cultists, Hytham will send you to talk to him, and Aelfred will give you a key. That key is supposed to open his study, but there’s no mention of where his study is. In this guide, we’re going to show you AC Valhalla Alfred’s study location.

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ac valhalla king alfred's study location
AC Valhalla Alfred Study Location

AC Valhalla King Alfred Study

The study is located in Wincestre. It’s in the Old Minster church – head inside and go past the altar, then up the stairs and into the library. Go left into the corridor leading out of the library, and you’ll see a door with a padlock. That’s king Aelfred’s study. Open it up, and you’ll find a bunch of documents inside, which will give you additional insight into the events of the game.

How to get Aelfred’s study key?

Before you can plunder Alfred’s study and get that sweet, sweet knowledge, you’ll need to get the key from him. In order to do this, you basically have to do everything else in the game first.

The extensive to-do list starts with killing all of the Order members except for the Father. That means all of the zealtos as well. Then you have to complete the entire main storyline – all of the sagas that pertain to areas of the map. Only then can you return to Hytham and talk about Alfred. This starts the Poor Fellow Soldier quest, which will lead you to the Alfred. Once you’ve found him, simply talk to him and he’ll gift you the key in the end, to help you see what his intentions were.

He’ll go on living the peaceful, pastoral life, and you’ll get answers to all the burning questions you’ve had.

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