AC Valhalla Defensive Measures Mission Bugs, Builder

AC Valhalla Defensive Measures is one of the quests you can start in Asgard. It’s part of The Fate of the High One mission. You’ll have to find and speak to the Builder who will ask you to bring him several jars to build the barrier. We have to warn players that this quest is bugged, and most of the issues happen if you start this mission with low level character.

AC Valhalla Defensive Measures Mission Bugs

Bring the jars to the Builder bug solution

Jars can be easily found since they are scattered around huge pillars. Grab a blue jar and place them on the ground near the Builder. Some players reported a bug during this part of the quest. When they place the jars near the builder nothing happens. The only solution to this bug is to reload the save.

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Kill all invaders bug

Once you locate Jotnar patrol northwest of your location, you should bring invaders into the shield. But the shield is unstable, and it will start flickering. In that moment Invaders will be passing through the shield, and you have to defeat them all. The main issue here is that the player character also receives constant damage if you leave the circle. So, if your character is not strong enough because your level is too low, if you leave the circle and spawn on any other location your character will die. The developers are aware of this issue, and we are waiting for any updates.

Another problem with this quest is that enemies could go through the shield even if it’s green again, and there is no ending cutscene. Solution we found for this bug is to switch the game to English, or any other language, load the last save that doesn’t contain words “Defensive measures” and redo the quest. After the attack, an option will appear to speak to the Builder.

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  1. S

    The game crashed mid way through the builder quest, now whenever I go to Asgard I can’t get to the circle in time because my life gets drained instantly. Help?!?

  2. E
    Evan Fojt

    i cant even get the jotnar to show up at all they spawn like a mile away from the circle and never walk to it they just sit there out of reach and quest is to never be able to finish can cyberpunk just come out and show ubi what a quality game is like jeez

  3. T

    i found that if you have a save before you begin the builder quest, that you kan open de map and hover above the tower you can click wake up.

    1. E
      Ethan Chezem

      Thank you so much for this comment. I was so mad. My last save before this would have made me lose so much progress.

  4. A

    And if I have not a save? What can I do? I’m going to finish the game, I don’t want to restart it

  5. O


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