AC Valhalla Essexe Hoard Map Location - Treasure Map Solution

Essexe treasure hoard map is one of the riddles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’ll find it scribbled on a parchment in a church, and solving the riddle will point you towards a buried treasure. This riddle is more cryptic than the others we’ve encountered so far, so it’s fair to assume a number of people will get stuck here. If you’re one of them, this guide will show you AC Valhalla Essexe hoard map location & solution.

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ac valhalla essexe hoard map riddle
AC Valhalla Essexe Hoard Map Location – Treasure Map Solution

Essexe treasure hoard map location

You can get the map in Colcestre, from the tower in Sancta Helena’s Church. When you arrive in front of it, go to the wall covered with ivy and move the shelf. Break the stained glass window and hop inside. Look past the sarcophagus and you’ll find a key on a chair. Pick it up.

Go into the church and look for a locked door. Open it, and you’ll see the base of the tower. Climb up the ladder, then look up and you’ll see another one. Shoot the lock to make it drop, then climb another floor. You’ll find the map there, on the inner sil of the small window next to the table.

Essexe hoard map riddle solution

The text of the riddle reads: To the south of Essexe, your eyes must train themselves away from the tower built by Roman giants, through the green fur of nature, a sacred marking made by three skins of trees in a circle of plants.

That’s pretty confusing, isn’t it? Head to the southernmost point of Essexe, and you’ll find a ruin there. Approach it from the north and head left. You’ll see a big tree there, and a bunch of purple flowers. Walk into the flowers and you’ll see a clearing in the middle of the circle. Interact with it, and you’ll get your treasure – the Huginn Call Scheme for the arms.

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