Follow Hytham Bug Solution - To Serve the Light

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla To Serve the Light quest has a bug during the Follow Hytham step where Hytham won’t start paddling the boat. You climb onto the boat with him, but he refuses to move, blocking your progress. Since this is quest is necessary to proceed, you might be wondering how to fix the glitch with Hytham in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. That’s exactly what we’ll show you in our Follow Hytham Bug Solution – To Serve the Light – AC Valhalla guide.

follow hytham bug solution to serve the light ac valhalla
Follow Hytham Bug Solution – To Serve the Light – AC Valhalla

Hytham Won’t Start Paddling Boat Bug Solution in AC Valhalla Serve The Light Quest

If you encounter the bug where Hytham won’t start paddling the boat in the Serve the Light quest in AC Valhalla, all you have to do is jump out of the boat and swim back ashore. Don’t go directly behind him, but a little bit to the side, too. In our case, that snapped him back to attention and he rowed away. Of course, that meant that we had to swim behind him in a panic, but luckily, he only goes a little bit to the left; you’ll be fine.

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We’re not entirely sure what triggers this bug. The quest tells you to follow Hytham, and at one point, you come to the waterline and he climbs into the boat. So, naturally, you assume that you have to do the same. What happened to us is that the pole he uses to paddle just glitched out of his hands, and he refused to move. The only way that we got him to budge was, again, to jump off the boat and swim back to shore, a little bit to the side.

The rest of the Serve the Light quest in AC Valhalla is really easy. It’s almost literally a walk in the park. Just follow Hytham and listen to what he has to tell you. I’m not gonna share anything from it to avoid any spoilers. You should see it all for yourself.

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  1. C
    Christine O’Connor

    If you shoot an arrow at him in the boat it works too!

  2. S

    He is just stuck in the middle of the water for me. The quest won’t end and I cannot restart.

  3. A

    It happened twice for me, both on the return trip. He got into the boat and didn’t do anything so I jumped off and jumped back on and that got him rowing and now once we reached land again he won’t get off the boat. I’m at a lost. It’s also worth noting that I saved me game in a separate slot before I was going to try something drastic and the games taking a long time to save

    1. M
      Mark Bristow

      Had the same thing happen to me… hopefully someone has a fix for this.

  4. D
    Doug Luce

    Shotting an error, and swimming didn’t work for me but destroying the boat did.

    1. M
      Mitchell Hoy

      Was stuck for 10 minutes till I read this, smashing the boat up works perfectly ?

      1. D

        Thanks boss, you’re the MVP! Smashing the boat worked just fine! FIX YOUR GAME UBISOFT!

  5. H

    I was stuck on this for a while… I got around it by rowing him over to the other side of the river and then destroying the boat. He should carry on walking back to his hut after that.

  6. E

    this dude literally went opposite, onto the land while in the boat after I shot him with arrows

  7. C

    For me, he got stuck on the boat on the way back. I broke the boat, left him alone, and he eventually walked partway up the hill and stopped. Eventually, I just left and took a nap in the longhouse. When I woke up, he was back in his building, just in case people are still stuck.

  8. J

    I have done the jump of faith, and returned to shore but Hytham wouldn’t get off the boat, so I broke the boat and he swam to the shore and he still isn’t moving. I don’t know what to do

  9. D

    I smashed the boat he swam to shore and won’t move

  10. N

    I have tried all options and nothing is working. As soon as he gets in boat, he just sits there. Help!!

  11. S

    Hey guys I just had the same problem as all you guys broke the boat and he still wouldn’t move just leave the area on the boat go do a quick raid and fast travel back you have to FAST TRAVEL back to you home and it resets him

  12. R

    Use the torch to set the boat on fire. Hytham will scream for a little while but once the boat is destroyed he’ll swim across the river and you can follow him.

    1. J

      Oh my god, that is hilarious!

  13. J
    Jesse Flint

    Fast travel! He froze for me when getting on the boat, for which the published solution worked, but he froze again when he finished rowing us back, and nothing worked – even setting him and the boat on fire. I got him to fast forward back to the hidden ones building by fast traveling to the dock nearby. What a pain. Should have remembered that fast travel is the go-to AC fix.

  14. M

    Hi there, if anyone is having problems with this still try this:
    Destroy the front of the boat and let Hytham swim back to shore, he should just stand still and do nothing, go into your bedroom within the longhouse, go to sleep and return to him, he should then be out the front of the building (still not working) then fast travel to the same area and he will then be able to hand you the next step of the quest.

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