Isle of Ely Monastery AC Valhalla - Book of Knowledge & Wealth Location

Isle of Ely monastery is a raid location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are several golden chests you can plunder for wealth there, and a book of knowledge that unlocks a new ability. Some of the chests can be hard to figure out, but the really tough nut is the ability book. If you’re having trouble with any of them, our AC Valhalla Isle of Ely monastery book of knowledge & wealth location guide.

ac valhalla isle of ely monastery ability book wealth locations guide
Isle of Ely Monastery AC Valhalla – Book of Knowledge & Wealth Location

Isle of Ely monastery ability rune – Dive of The Valkyries

The rune is troubling many folks because it’s in a part of the monastery that isn’t accessible from the compound itself. It’s a cellar that can only be accessed by going outside the walls. Head down to the down and follow the coast to the east. Once you’re past the stone staircase, keep your eyes on the left. You’ll see a big cave entrance soon. Go inside and follow the path, as the tunnel turns into a hallway. You’ll end up in a room with the book and a couple of guards after breaking some loose boards.

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Isle of Ely monastery raid wealth locations

Apart from the ability book, the only other treasures in the monastery are the giant chests with raw materials you can plunder during a raid. There’s three of them, two can be accessed by forcing a door open – but you have to make sure there are no enemies in the immediate vicinity. The third, the one in the building next to the cloister, can only be accessed by climbing the scaffolding and going through the window.

If you miss the book while doing the raid, you can easily go back and grab it another time, since it’s so simple to reach it without raising an alarm.

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