AC Valhalla Madness of the Stones Black Screen Bug Solution

Madness of the Stones black screen bug in AC Valhalla is a glitch that you can run into during one of the world events in Suthsexe, Cent. The issue is that, near the end of the Mystery, the screen turns black, and then stays that way. As you might imagine, this hampers your progress somewhat. Luckily, there is a way to fix this glitch, and we’ll be telling you what to do in our AC Valhalla Madness of the Stones Black Screen Bug Solution guide.

ac valhalla madness of the stones black screen bug solution
AC Valhalla Madness of the Stones Black Screen Bug Solution

How to Fix Madness of the Stones AC Valhalla Black Screen Bug?

To fix the black screen bug in AC Valhalla Madness of the Stones world event mystery, there are two courses of action you can pursue. The first one is to hop onto your horse and ride it straight into the madman NPC. Nudge him towards the stone circle, and that’ll trigger the last part of the quest. Not gonna tell you what happens just yet; we’re just presenting solutions without spoilers right now. The second solution, and arguably the easier one, is to fast-travel back to Raventhorpe and talk to literally any NPC. That should also break the curse of the black screen.

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Okay, spoilers from here on out. The madman is standing next to a circle of stones in Cent, in east Suthsexe (exact location in the screenshots below). He asks you to help him count the stones, so do just that. Report your number back to him, and he’ll ask you to do it again. Lo and behold, the number has changed. Talk to the poor guy again, and then count once more. You guessed it, the number is different again. After you go through the motions three times, the screen will become very bright, and then fade to black (this is where the glitch can happen).

If everything goes well, the madman will sadly turn into a stone himself. This whole thing is based on old English and Welsh tales of stone circles that can never be counted. I leave it to you to think about how the rest of the stones may or may not also once have been people.

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  1. M

    How exactly do you ride straight toward someone you can’t see?

    1. S

      Eagle vision. I fell through the map the first time I nudged the guy with my horse.

      1. M

        After nudging the NPC toward the stones while on your horse, you will hear a voice sequence. Do not touch any controller buttons until your vision returns. You will no longer be mounted on your horse and starting to glitch through the map as before but holding the horse’s reins just in front of the horse. Move your horse toward the rock sticking out of the downward sloping hillside. This will put your character above the map surface. Then dismount your horse and it will place your character back on top of the map surface.

        1. M

          Horse trick actually worked for me! Glitched through the map and everything!

  2. P

    When ever I spawn. I get the “drink” effect.. and evior says the part about magic.. and boom black screen.. I’ve talked to noc’s I’ve loaded the game.. ect

  3. J

    TTTTHHHHHAAAAAANNNNKS! Used the talking to NPC fix but every time I die or load a game after turning the console off the glitch returns.

  4. M

    Wow thanks the horse method totally worked once I got him close enough. I was worried my save file was ruined.

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