AC Valhalla Meldeburne Key - Book of Knowledge

Getting the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Book of Knowledge in Meldeburne requires you to find a specific key in order to unlock a door behind which the book lies. The unfortunate part is that, if you visit Meldeburne during a raid, the key is going to vanish. It’s a bug that many players have reported, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this issue, and we’ll be recounting it in our AC Valhalla Meldeburne Key – Book of Knowledge guide.

ac valhalla meldeburne key book of knowledge
AC Valhalla Meldeburne Key – Book of Knowledge

Meldeburne Key AC Valhalla Key Bug – How to Get Book of Knowledge?

To get the AC Valhalla Book of Knowledge in Meldeburne, you need to get the key. The best moment to do that is when there’s no event happening in the vicinity, especially not the raid. All you have to do is incapacitate the guard that holds the key. Use your raven or Odin’s Vision to see which one of them has it. Then, unlock the door that leads into the tower, and the Book of Knowledge is right there. That’s how we got it, and we had no trouble whatsoever.

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Now, as we’ve already said, you can run into the Meldeburne Key bug in AC Valhalla while trying to get the Book of Knowledge. If you try to get it during the raid, the key can completely disappear, especially if you wait until the raid is over. If this happens to you, here’s what you need to do – walk far away from Meldeburne. At least as far as the monks chilling out in the field to the southeast. Turn around, and use the bird to see if some enemies have reappeared. If not, try moving further away and see if that works.

If that doesn’t work either, then, I’m afraid you’ll have to reload an earlier save. This is a fairly universal fix for the majority of the bugs in AC Valhalla, including the Meldeburne Key. Unfortunately, the game is full to the brim of all kinds of bugs like these, even some that can freeze your progress entirely. So, good luck, I guess.

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