AC Valhalla Milk of Humankind Cow Bugged - Asgard Mysteries

Milk of Humankind cow bug in AC Valhalla Asgard Mystery is a problem that some of you might encounter while doing the various tasks in the open world. The problem that seems to arise is that the cow, Audumbla, simply refuses to budge. There are several potential solutions to this problem, And we’ll present them in our AC Valhalla Milk of Humankind Cow Bugged – Asgard Mysteries guide. The good news is, it might not even be a bug per se.

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ac valhalla milk of humankind cow bugged asgard mysteries
AC Valhalla Milk of Humankind Cow Bugged – Asgard Mysteries

How to Fix Cow Bug in AC Valhalla Milk of Humankind Asgard Mystery?

To fix the bug with Audumbla the cow in the Milk of Humankind Asgard Mystery in AC Valhalla, you have to first unlock the option to do Mysteries in that area to begin with. It might not be a bug; you just need to progress through the game. You need to complete several of the main mission in Asgard in order to do Mysteries. So, do a couple of quests and go back to Audumbla every so often to check if it will move.

While we’re on the subject, to complete the Milk of Humankind Asgard Mystery, you have to clear the way for Audumbla to exit. On the way, you’ll have to break up several wooden barriers. When you do, make sure that you destroy them completely, every single inch of them. If you don’t, the cow will refuse to budge. So, that might be another cause for the “bug.” Also, follow Audumbla all the way until the game tells you that the Mystery is over. In case it does bug out at any point, if you don’t have a nearby autosave, just synch up somewhere nearby to reset it.

Incidentally, Audumbla the primeval cow is a hugely important part of Norse mythology. Ymir, the first frost jotunn, fed off her milk. Also, she licked salty rime rocks for three days and thereby revealed the grandfather of the gods, Buri, as well as the three brothers Odin, Vili, and Ve. Norse mythology is weird that way. There, now you’ve learned something, too!

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