AC Valhalla Night and Day Standing Stones Isle of Skye

With the epic crossover between Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, players of both games will be greeted with new story content that ties in the other game’s protagonist. For Eivor, this means going to the Isle of Skye, where they will team up with Kassandra, the canon protagonist of AC: Odyssey. Together, they will unite their abilities – and brainpower – to solve the Isle’s mystery. Along the way, they will come across a Fairy Glen with the Night and Day Standing Stones. This is a particularly difficult puzzle that they have to figure out in order to progress further. Our AC Valhalla Night and Day Standing Stones Isle of Skye guide will show you how to complete this puzzling section.

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AC Valhalla Night and Day Standing Stones Isle of Skye

How to Solve Night and Day Standing Stones AC Valhalla Isle of Skye

The location of the Fairy Glen with the Standing Stones is to the north of Isle of Skye. Once you arrive at this location, Kassandra will comment that this must be a riddle of some kind and leave its solution up to you. Approach the rock overlooking the standing stones and read the inscription on it. It will show you the shape that you need to “create” to solve this. Though the solution is actually quite simple, it does require a bit of thinking outside the box.

Next, move away from the rock and go left, where the fallen tree is. There are several boxes here. Destroy them. You need to clear the path so that you can pull the large crate (which you cannot destroy, don’t worry) down and then left. Once you have moved it all the way, climb it. Turn around to face the Standing Stones. If you have done this correctly, then the shape that you are looking for will come into view, and the puzzle will be completed.

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