AC Valhalla Abbey Key for Fulke - Pilgrimage to St Albanes

Pilgrimage to St. Albanes is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s the one in which you raid Saint Albanes Abbey looking for riches and a person by the name of Fulke. The biggest problems in this quest are finding the key for Fulke, and breaking through the church wall during the raid. If you’re having trouble with either, our AC Valhalla Pilgrimage to Saint Albanes guide will help you out.

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ac valhalla pilgrimage to st albanes key for fulke
AC Valhalla Pilgrimage to St. Albanes, Key for Fulke, Abbey Raid Church Wall

Where to find Abbey key for Fulke?

You’ll get the first key, the one that opens the crypt, from an elite enemy in the church. You can’t miss him – it’s the big guy. The key to the prison cell itself is being held by the priest watching over the prisoner. You’ll have three options when it comes to getting it – kill the priest and loot it off his body, pay him 130 silver to hand it over, or threaten him into giving it up. You’ll need two charisma for that last option, but it’s the most painless solution for everyone involved.

ac valhalla st albanes where to find key fulke

How to break through church wall?

As you’re raiding the abbey, you’ll find your way to the church itself. After you break a stained glass window and enter the church, the prison cells will be on the left. To the right, you’ll see a wall made of big stones. The final chest with raw materials is behind it, so you need to break it down.

To do that, simply walk out the door and look to the right. There are some red clay pots by the stairs. Pick one up, bring it inside and throw it at the wall. It will break, and you’ll be able to open the chest. Alternatively, you can try shooting the hook holding the chandelier on the ceiling above – some say that works too.

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