Warden of War Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Warden of War is one of the branches of the Order of the Ancients that you’ll have to uncover and eliminate. The AC Valhalla Warden of War part of the Order of the Ancients is one of the easier ones to destroy; arguably even the easiest. The majority of them require you to simply complete quests from the main story, and you’ll come across them eventually. However, there are some exceptions, and even those that are in main quests can be a little slippery. So, we’ll help you find them all and their clues in our Warden of War Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla guide.

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warden of war order of the ancients in ac valhalla
Warden of War Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla
  1. Kjotve – The Cruel
  2. Leofgifu – The Scabbard
  3. Hunta, Son of Hunta – The Baldric
  4. Sister Frideswid – The Leech
  5. Avgos Spearhand – The Arrow
  6. Vicelin – The Compass
  7. Gorm Kjotvesson – The Keel

Kjotve the Cruel Warden of War Location – AC Valhalla Order of the Ancients

Kjotve the Cruel Warden of War from the Order of the Ancients in Ac Valhalla is one of the easier members to find. All you have to do is play through the main story missions. Eventually, you’ll come across the A Cruel Destiny quest, in which you’ll come face to face directly with Kjotve. He’s your first real big test of combat skills, so stay on your toes, dodge and parry, and only attack when you’re sure you can. And don’t get greedy. Once you do manage to defeat him, after the cutscene, you’ll get an Order of the Ancients medallion.

Where to Find Leofgifu The Scabbard Order of the Ancients Warden of War?

To find Leofgifu the Scabbard in the Order of the Ancients Warden of War branch, you have to complete the “To Serve the Light” quest with Hytham. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely that you’ll miss this quest as you upgrade your settlement. Eventually, you’ll get the quest you need, in which Hytham teaches you about the finer points of being an assassin. At the very end of the quest, he’ll give you basically Leofgifu’s exact location. She’s in central Mercia, near Utbecht, at the western bank of the Great Ouse River.

where to find leofgifu warden of war order of ancients ac valhalla
Leofgifu Warden of War location

Hunta, Son of Hunta, the Baldric Location Warden of War Order of the Ancients

The location of Hunta, son of Hunta, aka The Baldric in the Warden of War branch of the Order of the Ancients, will be revealed to you when you complete the “To Serve the Light” quest. Yes, just like Leofgifu. We’ve already said, this is the easiest branch of the Order to uncover. All you need to do is go into the Order menu, select him, and mark the location on the map. In case you’re wondering, he’s in Ledecestre. That town is, as you might imagine, in Ledecestrescire. You can find Hunta in the center of the town, in the marketplace.

order of the ancients warden of war hunta son of hunta location ac valhalla
Hunta, son of Hunta Warden of War location

Sister Frideswid the Leech Warden of War – Where to Find Order of the Ancients?

To find the Warden of War called Sister Frideswid the Leech, the first step is to play through the game until it takes you to Lunden. You’ll meet a new NPC there that will basically set you onto a new quest chain. I’m being kinda vague because I’m trying to avoid spoilers. Anyways, at the end of this quest chain, you’ll go on the hunt for clues about the Order. When the chain is done, you can take up a new one called “Bleeding the Leech.” So, all that’s left to do is track that quest and push it to the end. Eventually, the Leech will be dispatched by your hand.

Avgos Spearhand the Arrow AC Valhalla Warden of War Location

You find the location of Avgos Spearhand the Arrow, Warden of War, by completing a quest chain that you get when the game takes you to Lunden. The first bunch of quests takes you on an adventure looking for the Order members. After you complete that, you’ll have a choice between two quests: Bleeding the Leech, as mentioned above, and Firing the Arrow, which reveals Avgos. All you need to do is track the quest and follow it to its conclusion. Mind you, Avgos will be in full view of his bodyguards when you assassinate him on-stage, so be ready to either fight or run.

Order of the Ancients Warden of War Vicelin the Compass Location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To unlock the location of Vicelin The Compass, the second-to-last member of the Warden of War branch of the Order of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have to complete both Firing the Arrow and Bleeding the Leech. Those are the two quests we’ve written about above. If you haven’t read those entries, quick refresher. Go to Lunden and you’ll meet a new NPC. They’ll be your jumping-off point into a quest chain looking for Order members. At one point, it’ll branch off into the two missions we just mentioned. Complete those, and that unlocks “Smashing the Compass.” Track and complete that one, and The Compass is over and done with.

Order of the Ancients Gorm Kjotvesson – The Keel Warden of War Location in AC Valhalla

The last Warden of War in AC Valhalla is our old friend Gorm. When you finish the Lunden story Arc and return to your settlement visit the assassin’s bureau. Hytham tells you that Grom is the leader of the Warden of War branch of the Order of the Ancients. He is hiding in a land far to the west they call Vinland. Game embraces the narrative that vikings visited North America continent first and Gorm is hiding there. Go to Randvi in the longhouse and on the alliance map select Vinland as your next target. This will allow you to travel there and after finishing the questline you will get the opportunity to finish this branch of the order.

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