Rumors of Leicester AC Valhalla - Find Ivarr

Rumors of Ledecestre is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. One of the steps of this quest is to find and speak to Ivarr. The mission marks his location in the city on the map, but although the marker shows the correct place, it’s not as helpful as you might want it to be. If you’re having trouble finding Ivarr, our Rumors of Leicester AC Valhalla guide will show you where to look.

rumors of leicester ac valhalla find ivarr
Rumors of Leicester AC Valhalla – Find Ivarr

Find and speak to Ivarr

As the game instructs you, head on over to the southwestern corner of Ledecestre. Again, the marker is pointing to the correct location. Go there, and you’ll see a tower reaching for the sky. Scale that tower (it might take a while) and you’ll find Ivarr at the top.

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It’s a curious problem. The marker does lead you to the right coordinates – it’s just the elevation that’s the problem. Usually when this happens, things are underground, so firing off an Odin’s sight pulse will reveal them to you.

However, in this case, your target is above ground – high above it, in fact. When you do fire off a pulse, you’re probably going to be looking everywhere but up. So you scour the surroundings, look below your feet, check out the tower’s base, but you don’t even think about looking towards its top.

After getting stuck on this one, we’re all probably going to start paying attention to such things. It’s a pity they’ve declawed the bird in such a way – in previous games, your aviary scout would’ve told you everything you needed to know, and put down useful map markers as well. Here, you don’t even send it out so often, since you know the results will be underwhelming, to say the least. Poor Synin.

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