AC Valhalla Scorched Paper - Mountain Ingot Wealth near Fornburg

Mountain Ingot Wealth near Fornburg in Rygjafylke in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of many similar locations dotted around the map, and is closely connected to the Scorched Paper in AC Valhalla. In fact, the Scorched Paper is a hint telling you how to get the Mountain Ingot Wealth in Rygjafylke. The riddle is very obtuse, but the solution is fairly simple. In our AC Valhalla Scorched Paper – Mountain Ingot Wealth near Fornburg guide, we’ll show you how to solve the Scorched Paper puzzle and how to get that carbon ingot.

AC Valhalla Scorched Paper - Mountain Ingot Wealth near Fornburg
AC Valhalla Scorched Paper – Mountain Ingot Wealth near Fornburg

How to Get AC Valhalla Rygjafylke Mountain Ingot Wealth Near Fornburg?

To get the Rygjafylke Mountain Ingot Wealth Near Fornburg in AC Valhalla, you have to climb the mountain to the west of the town. Near the top of the mountain, there is a lonely hut in the snow. It’s truly in the middle of nowhere, and you’d never in a million years even think that somebody might be living here. Anyways, my tirades aside, you can see the exact location that you need to visit in the screenshots below.

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Now, if you try to go in through the “front door”, you’ll see that it’s blocked off by some shelves. You can’t move them in any direction. So, go around the house to the right, and you’ll find another door that is open. Go inside, and you’ll see a huge, wooden wall on your left, and the Scorched Paper note on your right.

Scorched Paper AC Valhalla Mountain near Fornburg Ingot Wealth

“Those Fools from Fornburg said I was mad, but they will fall before Kjotve’s Blade! My hoard is hidden and safe. Ha! They will have to walk through fire to get it!”

That’s what the AC Valhalla scorched paper says. It’s a clue about what you have to do to beat that wooden wall. You can’t climb it, nor can you jump over. What you can do is lob a lit torch over it. See, there’s a ton of those red, explode-y oil containers on the other side. So, throw a torch over the wood wall, and wait for the kaboom. You might need a few tries, since you can’t see where they are, so be patient.

After the explosion, go back to the front door, and push the shelves back. You’ll find a yellow feather on your right. Then, push the shelves back towards the door, and there’s the chest. Open it, and there’s your carbon ingot.

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    Great guide except… no mention of where to get a torch or hoe to throw it, so you kinda failed to explain anything. Well done.

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      I assume you didn’t play Origins,Odyssey or Valhalla? Where torch is always readily available holding right on Dpad, or in Valhalla case, holding down on Dpad and choose the available option?

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