Take Seer to Rada or Next Bloodstone - Life-Blood East Anglia World Quest Mystery AC Valhalla

In the Life-Blood world quest mystery in East Anglia in AC Valhalla, you’ll have to make a seemingly important choice – whether to take the seer to Rada or to the next bloodstone. Whatever you choose, one harvest is going to go bust. It’s a moral choice that puts you into an unenviable position – whose field will bear crops? And, is it even that important of a choice? Well, we’ll be explaining all of that in our Take Seer to Rada or Next Bloodstone – Life-Blood East Anglia World Quest Mystery guide.

take seer to rada or next bloodstone life blood east anglia world quest mystery ac valhalla
Take Seer to Rada or Next Bloodstone – Life-Blood East Anglia World Quest Mystery AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla Life-Blood East Anglia Mystery Choice – Take Seer to Rada or Bloodstone?

During the Life-Blood world quest mystery in AC Valhalla, you’ll have the choice of taking the seer either to Rada or the next bloodstone. Rada tells you that she needs the seer’s concoction, or else her fields will remain barren. The seer has the same problem, except with her own fields, as far as I understood it. Now, before we proceed, let’s get this out of the way – no matter what you choose, the Mystery will end, and there will be no further consequences for you. The choice is entirely a moral one, and it’s up to you what you think is right.

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It seems to me like this is a version of the trolley dilemma. Basically, the seer wants her crops to grow, but she is one person. Rada has a family to feed, but it’s the seer’s very blood that goes into the potion. So, what is one to do? Well, let’s see how both choices play out, that might help you decide.

  • Take seer to the next bloodstone – The seer thanks you for helping her. She will sit there for a bit to rest, and then say the rites. She asks to be left alone. The world event ends there.
  • Take seer to Rada – The seer gives the blood-mead to a very grateful Rada, who promises that both Eivor and the seer will be welcome to her crops once the harvest is over. The world event ends there.

So, technically, taking the seer to Rada does kinda end with the best possible result. But, truly, there is no right answer here. You can decide for yourself. Besides, there are no real consequences to Eivor, anyway.

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