AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance - Aethelswith Choices

Aethelswith choices in AC Valhalla happen during the Tilting the Balance quest. You’re grilling Lady Aethelswith for the location of king Burgred. She, of course, doesn’t want to tell on her husband. So, it seems like you have to coax the answer out of her. You’d think that your choices would matter here. Well, in our AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance – Aethelswith Choices guide, we’re going to explain what you should do.

ac valhalla tilting the balance aethelswith choices
AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance – Aethelswith Choices

What to Choose with Aethelswith Tilting the Balance AC Valhalla Quest?

What you choose in the dialogue with Aethelswith in the AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance quest doesn’t affect the results of the conversation. As far as we can tell, she will spill the beans n Burgred’s hiding place, no matter how you approach the matter. Also, there don’t seem to be any long-lasting consequences, either. So, choose whatever you think your Eivor would say. The first choice gives you three options – champion Ceolwulf, try to be more sympathetic to Aethelswith, or ignore her comments entirely.

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  • Ceolwulf is a good man.
  • I can see why you despise him.
  • I’m not here to talk about Ceolwulf.

Just before the second choice, Ivarr will come in and throw some decapitated heads onto the ground, for effect. Aethelswith, understandably, is a little upset over this. Your three options boil down to this – mock her, tell Ivarr off, or just let the tension simmer. Up to you how you want to play it.

  • Weak stomach, Aethelswith?
  • Get out, Ivarr.
  • (Do Nothing)

The third and final choice happens after Aethelswith has already revealed her husband’s hidey-hole. You’re talking with Ivarr, and you can either compliment him for entering with the severed heads, or tell him off. Once again, select whatever you feel is the right choice. Maybe you liked his theatrics, maybe not, I’m not the boss of you.

  • Clever of you to bring the heads.
  • You nearly blew it for me.

From there, you’re good to go and finally face off with Burgred. That, however, is a matter for another guide. For now, you know how to approach the Aethelswith choices in AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance. Good luck!

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